Secret Life of Bees

By: Sue Monk Kidd

Chapter 1

First Quote (Chapter 1, Page 24)

"I felt the waxed paper with my mother's picture inside and her gloves stuck to my belly, and it seemed all of a sudden like my mother was there, up against my body, like she was bits and pieces of insulation molded against my skin, helping me absorb all his meanness."

This excerpt explains that the feeling of the presence of Lily's mother during times of pain and trouble tells us that her mother is with her. Holding her mother's possessions during her punishment gave Lily the strength to keep going and the feeling of all the angry and meanness, given by T.Ray, taken away.

Second Quote (Chapter 1, Page 8)

"I might as well have worn a sign on my back: I AM NOT POPULAR AND NEVER WILL BE."

This excerpt is narrated by Lily who is talking about herself. She said this, having no self confidence and worrying about not being able to be like the other girls. This also explains how the absence of her mother has affected one part of Lily's life, learning about being a women.

Third Quote (Chapter 1, Page 27)

"Don't you worry, they're gonna make 'em write their names in perfect cursive and refuse them a card..."

This quote is said by T.Ray about how colors register to vote. The way they register is that they have to write their name in perfect cursive and if they mess up on the smallest letter, then they are refused of a registration card.

Feeling like an Outcast

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Loneliness is my Symbol