Design Time: An Alphabet Poster

Learning to create with a new tool. Creative. Simple. Fun.

The Project

This project is created to integrate technology into the classroom in a simple and fun to use way. Students will be assigned to take an image of something in the world around them that begins with a previously chosen letter of the alphabet. After this, students will be introduced to a new tool called Canva. This tool will allow them to create a poster about the letter that they have chosen. This project allows them to implement and exercise their creative side while learning about letters, something that is so important to their learning phases.

Technology is a tool, not a learning objective.

The New Tool

For this project, students will be using a new tool. It is incredibly easy to introduce to them and very simple to navigate. The tool is called canva and is a graphic design tool for all ages. With simple pre-made layouts students will be able to choose the "poster" layout and just drag in the pictures they have already taken into the layout. They can easily add text as well. There are many options for layouts, text, and images so each student will have the freedom to create something they really love. The finished product? A fun poster they will want to share with everyone.


Our hope for you

With the simple and creative format, this BYOD activity is sure to be one that captures the attentions of students, educators and parents alike. We hope that you are able to put this to use in your classrooms in a meaningful, creative and fun setting that engages every student!