Straight Back In for '23!

Head Teacher Newsletter - Friday 13th January 2023

'And though your beginning was small, your latter days will be very great.' Isaiah 43:18

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Welcome to 2023 everyone and a Happy New Year!

All the staff have commented on how seamlessly the children have reintegrated (after a well-earned Christmas holidays) since their return. I'd like to thank you for supporting the children in their preparedness for a new (and still quite chilly) term.

It's going to be another jam-packed, engaging and challenging half-term. Already, children have experienced an art sculpture workshop with a professional artist and they have immersed themselves in new subject topics and subsequent learning. I'll leave the teachers to share your child(ren)'s timetabled learning for this term (see enclosed below) but I just want to say thank you in advance for engaging with their school life and development.

Have a great half term and please don't hesitate to approach us for any support!

Mr Francksen

Diary Dates:

Tuesday 10th January - Chicken-wire Sculpture Day with professional sculpturer

Friday 27th January - RSPB Bird Watch

Monday 30th January - Boccia PE event

Tuesday 31st January - U9 Sportshall athletics

Tuesday 7th - Safer Internet Day

Friday 10th February - Last day of term

Class Spring Newsletters

Knowledge Organisers

We are trialling the use of Knowledge Organisers (KO) for the staff and children; we also feel these may be useful resources for you, as parents/carers, in order to support your child(ren) by expanding on their learning at home. We would love you to discuss the KO with your child(ren) and feel that if you are able to spend some time doing this it may significantly consolidate and deepen their learning. We'd love some feedback so please do get in touch if you have any positive feedback or examples of how you've utilised this resource at home.

I've enclosed the geography, and art ones for this term; our plan is to share more subject areas with you but feel this could be a manageable start.

Twitter Weekly...

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School Development

Religious Education

This week, I met with Mrs Welch to discuss our learning and progress with RE and our Christian vision. We are looking for a parent champion to join us develop our curriculum - if you're interested in all aspects of faith, please contact the school to show your interest. This role would include observing collective worship, learning in RE and generally interacting with our staff and children about our values and links to faith.


This week I completed an OPAL induction with Mrs Jane O'Callaghan; I am, therefore, pleased to announce that she has joined the school as an OPAL Play Team Member. Jane will join Mrs Cook in implementing our dedicated OPAL vision and provision.


This week, I also met with Miss Faiers to discuss our progress with our maths curriculum. As you may know, our whole school focus for the Autumn Term has been maths. I am really happy with the consistency we are currently providing and the journey toward a growth mindset in maths. In every lesson of maths, you will now see consistent, relevant and impactful working walls; every child has access to concrete resources (manipulatives) and the children speak positively about their experience and progress.

Curriculum on a page


At Crawford’s, our Religious Education (R.E.) curriculum contributes to children’s education by provoking challenging questions about the meaning and purpose in life, beliefs about God, ultimate reality, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human. In our increasingly diverse society, children are enriched by the diversity of cultures and beliefs and need more than ever before, to understand other people’s beliefs, cultures and traditions which will in turn enable them to develop their own ideas, values and identities.

Our Crawfords’s Cogs underpin our whole school curriculum and are the lifelong learning skills that we believe children should be equipped with by the time they leave our school. Each Cog is linked to a biblical character and story which demonstrates that value. Each week we focus on a different Cog and weave it into our Collective Worship and learning so that the Cog values are fully embedded and the children can develop their skills as they move through the school.

Curriculum and scheme of work

We use the Emmanuel Project, which is a RE scheme of work for EYFS to Y6 that covers the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus for RE (2012). It was written by the Diocesan Schools' Adviser in consultation with local teachers and advised by members of different faiths on Suffolk SACRE.

The Emmanuel Project provides a complete set of 42 enquiry-based units for teaching RE across the primary school:

  • 22 units on Christianity from EYFS to KS2;

  • 20 units on other world faiths for KS1 / KS2.

Topics may focus on a single religion or be based on a life experience theme, drawing on children’s own thoughts and ideas as well as those of several faiths.

Teaching and learning styles

All children have a one-hour lesson on RE each week. Lessons are fun, engaging and thought-provoking and use increasingly varied and active ways of working which include art and drama, debating, visits, posters, photos, videos, and interactive displays. In particular, we recognise the importance of teaching the two attainment targets of the Agreed Syllabus (learning about religion and learning from religion) in a balanced way. Lessons help to nurture informed and resilient responses to misunderstanding, stereotyping and division and they develop children’s skills of enquiry, reasoned argument and reflection in a safe environment.

Collective Worship

Collective worship is a very important part of Crawford’s day and allows us to come together and celebrate as a community. It offers a wider opportunity for pupils and staff to encounter faith by engaging in conversations about God, both as individuals and together. Children are encouraged and given the opportunity to: be still and reflect; foster respect and deepen their spiritual awareness; explore the big questions of life and respond to national events; celebrate special times in the Christian and Interfaith Calendar; share each other’s joys and challenges and express praise and thanksgiving to God.

On alternate Tuesdays, ‘Open the Book’ and Pastor Hugh lead collective worship. The children really look forward to the dramatisation of bible stories by the ‘Open the Book’ team and Pastor Hugh’s storytelling skills are a delight and always well received by the children.

Continuous Improvement

We aim to provide a high standard of RE teaching and are currently collaborating with other schools in the Tilian partnership to reflect on and improve our delivery and assessment of RE at Crawford’s. In December, we had an informative afternoon monitoring RE across the whole school. We carried out a learning walk, and book look and spoke to children from each class about their learning. The outcomes were discussed as a staff and a plan has been put in place for continual improvement to take place over the coming months.

Mrs Welch

RE Subject Voice

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Forest School

One of the things I love most about Forest Schools is noticing things! It might be a hibernating ladybird snuggled between some bricks in a wall or deer prints discovered in the mud on a walk. All these tiny discoveries make us more curious about the world around us and encourage us to ask more questions.

Forest School the past term has been a bucketful of new and exciting discoveries, including many questions which we may not immediately know the answer to but strive to find out through being Inquisitive.

Having an all-year-round Forest School programme at Crawford’s provides opportunities for the children to experience all of our seasons outdoors. At the start of Autumn, we took full advantage of a good conker crop, with the KS1 children practising tool use through hammer bashing conkers to make natural soap. They also enjoy mixing and creating their own potions, making dens and creating their own bow and arrows which led to lots of creative play.

September was for blackberry picking where KS2 experimented with making blackberry dyes for tie-dying materials, and the Autumn leaves provided many opportunities for tree identification and craft activities. With Winter closing in we started to explore keeping warm outdoors by learning more about the fire triangle and what natural resources work well as a tinder bundle, then putting these skills into practice by using flint and steel to create a spark to light fires. The bitterly cold spell we had before Christmas provided opportunities for making natural ice hangings.

This term we will be looking forward to doing some more Bird Watching, taking part in the RSPB Big Schools Bird Watch which takes place at the end of January. Class 1 had already had some practice for this before Christmas and is already becoming quite the little bird expert!

I’d like to thank all our Forest Schoolers for making it a pleasure for me to do the job I love by being such an enthusiastic and inquisitive bunch who really do embrace the great outdoors!

Miss Grist

Forest School Subject Voice

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Cog of the Week

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Cost of Living Support

The Local Welfare Assistance Scheme (LWAS) helps those experiencing financial hardship.

There are lots of reasons why people may be in hardship and if you are eligible, we can provide financial help.

The scheme is not intended as emergency support and only one application can be made per household. LWAS is not intended as long-term support. The quickest way to make an application is via the webform, using your smartphone, tablet or computer. If you have all the information required to make an application the webform will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

To make an application and find out whether you are eligible for support, please visit the Local Welfare Assistance Scheme webpage.

In the event you are not eligible, but would like to read more information about other support available, please visit Cost of living support | Suffolk County Council


Healthy Snacks

Please ensure your child has a healthy snack in school to have at break time - e.g., a piece of fruit, carrot sticks, muesli bar, yoghurt tube. No chocolate bars or crisps please, and nothing containing peanuts.

Younger children (YR to Y2) have fruit or vegetables provided by the School Fruit & Veg Scheme.

Please note, that any snacks brought in to school will be collected by the Class Teacher and handed out at break time. Therefore, please can you ensure that any tubs, bags, etc are named.

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Allergy Awareness - Nut Free School

We are an allergy-aware school and would like to remind all families that there may be pupils in school with a nut allergy. If a child with a nut allergy comes into contact with nuts, or with a pupil who has eaten nuts, then this could lead to an anaphylactic reaction. Anaphylaxis is a severe and potentially life-threatening reaction to a trigger such as an allergy.

Because of this, the school cannot accept products containing nuts to be provided in lunch boxes or for eating at other times.

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Safeguarding & Wellbeing

NSPCC Internet Safety Parent Workshop

Tuesday, Feb. 21st, 2pm

Haughley, Stowmarket IP14 3QZ, UK

Haughley, England

We have booked for the NSPCC to run an Internet Safety workshop for parents/carers.

This session will focus on gaming, social media, bullying and parental controls.

We do require a minimum of 10 parents/carers, therefore, please watch this space for an event sign-up.

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Communications Flow chart

This is a gentle reminder that we have a flow chart, which will assist you in directing any queries, issues or concerns. Please utilise this so we can best support you and your child/ren.

Updated Policies

N/A can see the full termly calendar, here, or on the school website.