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April 20-24 2020 Distance Learning Continues

We Love Our Students!

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Share the gift of Montessori for the upcoming school year!

Do you know anyone who has a child of kindergarten age? Our Early Childhood/Kindergarten program currently has limited openings for the upcoming school year. Share the gift of a free authentic Montessori education with your friends. Email for details.
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Student belongings

All lockers and classroom items have been bagged labeled and paced in the front hall. Please pick these items up as soon as possible so we can continue with our deep cleaning. Also, please check our lost and found for any items that may have been left behind.
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Please verify your contact information!

Now more than ever, it is important that MMA has your correct contact information (address, phone numbers and email) so that we can communicate with your student. Please log into your Aspire account and make sure your information is correct. If you move throughout the school year, please

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2020 Free Summer Saturdays

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Instructional Coach-Earth Week and Distant Learning

Celebrating Earth Week at home

Recycling: Finding a good place to empty out the recycling bin. Sort the types of recycling into categories (metal, glass, paper).

Up-cycling: Reuse things you have in the home. Save metal food cans- can make a wind chime.

Explore the Earth: Take a sensory exploration outside. Feel different types of rocks, leaves, sticks and soil. Identify flowers and rocks. Observe which things are natural and which things are made from man.

Save the Earth: How much water do you use when you brush your teeth or wash dishes. Catch the water in a bowl and find out. How many rooms have a light bulb on but the room is empty. Try to use a cloth towel in place of a paper towel or a napkin.

Cycles of Water: Make a terrarium out of the materials from the home. A glass jar, a little soil and small plants. Water it, close up the jar and watch how the water condenses over a few days and rolls back down into the soil.

Don't Waste the Food: Many vegetables can be replanted after you use them. Try putting the stem of a head of lettuce in a bowl of water or the save the roots from green onions and plant them in a pot with soil. Make bread pudding from bruised apples:

75 Recycled Art Projects for Kids
Wind Chimes
10 Ways a Child Can Help Save the Planet

Distant Learning

Questions about what your student should be working on this week? Check out our current distant learning newsletter

Don't forget to return MMA materials

Just a friendly reminder that all MMA materiel (textbooks, library books, laptops or other items) must be returned no later than May 21, 2020 in order for teachers to take inventory before they leave for the summer.

Open Enrollment for 2020-2021 is now open!

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Re-enrollment for current students

We still have a few families who have not yet completed the registration process for next year. It is important to get an accurate count of returning students before we open enrollment to the public. Log in to your Aspire account now to re-enroll. If you are not planning on your student returning to MMA in the fall, please email so we can make the proper adjustments.

The HOUSE of Children is enrolling for Early Childhood for 2020-2021. Due to COVID-19, tours are currently unavailable

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Junior High Fees

We still have quite a few students who have an outstanding balance for Junior High student fees. Please remit payment to the office as soon as possible. 100% of student fees go toward purchasing textbooks, equipment and field trips for Junior High students. If you need payment arrangements please contact Ms. Autumn in the office.

If your child is desiring to switch a class with the new quarter arriving, please send an email to Ms. Andrea, the school counselor. There will be a class change fee.

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