Criminal Lawyer

How they can help

What do they do?

When someone is accussed of a crime, they need legal reperesntation to help them get through the court system. There are mulitple criminal lawyer per town.

We want to help

Types of Lawyers

There are a lot of solo-firms that criminal lawyers are associated with, they pick the cases they want to represent (where they can make money). There are also public defenders that have to take cases where the person accused of a crime cannot afford it.

How they get Contected

When a criminal lawyer is contacted by an accused person, they will go to the jail where they are housed and talk about the case there. Depending on if it is a privete or public lawyer, each will making the first confrence differently. A privete will get called by the accused, where the public will contact someone who cannot afford it.

What Mr. Fellows Told Us

A lawyer doesn't have to take a case it is all out of their ideas. If they don't believe that they will get the pay off from it they don't have to take it. The only people that don't follow that is the public deffender, they must take every case they get.