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Company History

It all started out with a friendship and a dream. Co-owners of Sports Wear MaKayla Sutphin and Dannan Sites followed there passion on a journey they never thought would go this far. The athlete and the business woman came together on a hunch that they could make the work out and sports world a better, more fashionable place. This hunch led to an expanding company that is growing at an alarming rate.
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These were the first product that we came out with. Most of our shirts are made out of cotton and silk. This provides a sleek, fitting look but also very light and airy. The shirts come in short sleeve, long sleeve and sleeveless. There are seven main colors we provide our shirts in. Those colors are yellow, purple, orange, black, red, green, and blue. Sizes provided go from XS to XXL in woman's and XS to XXL in men's. We also offer multiple designs. The shirts are anywhere from $8 to $10 each.
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Our pants are our number one seller. Along with our shirts, our pants are also made out of high quality cotton and silk to provide the comforting but light clothing. You have the choice of having elastic at the bottom of the pant legs or not having the elastic. All of our pants have a draw string at the waist to adjust the size. We provide the sizes XS to XL in woman's and XS to XL in men's. Prices for the pants are $14.99 each.
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Our shoes are a very popular product that we sell. We put the correct amount of protection and support to create the perfect formula for each shoe. Every shoe comes in a different color of the design. There are four main designs that we have. We offer neon colors as well as more neutral colors. Sizes range from a 2 - 10 in woman's and a 2 - 15 in men's. Depending on the design, the shoes go anywhere from $39.99 to 59.99.
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Hoodies are our most recent release to the company. Unlike our shirts and pants, our hoodies are solely made out of cotton. This provides the same comfort but keeps the warmth in and the cold out when it is needed. The hoodie is equipped with a hood and a front pocket. Though it is a new product it has been a hot spot for customers. Sizes range from XS to XXL in woman's and XS to XXL in men's. Prices are anywhere from $24.99 to $29.99.

Mission Statement

Bringing affordable but fashionable, high quality gear to any athlete.

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Sports Wear is a close knit kind of company. We revolve around family and help others in need. We do our best to make the best kind of gear at a price that anyone can afford. This has been our goal from the beginning and it continues to be our goal today. Sports Wear strives to bring out the inner athlete in every person and makes them look good while doing so.