The Summary of Greece

From the Persian War to Alexander The Great

The Start of it. The Persian Wars!

The country of Persia decided to attack Persia. They attacked Greece because of Athens was sending materials to rebels in Turkey. There were three attacks on Greece by Persia. They were called the battle of Marathon, the battle of Thermopylae, and the battle of Salamis. The affect of this war was the unitfied of Greece and the Delian Leauge.

Greece join together. The Delian League!

The purpose of the league was to protect Greece if the Persians or anyone else tried to attack and it also gave them money. All the city-states deided to join together in this league. It gave money and war supplies. The treasuer was Athens and the only one who was bother by this was Sparta. Soon, the affects of the Delian League would cause the Peloponnesian war.

The Three of the Persian Wars.

The Fight Between Athens and Sparta. The Peloponnesian War!

The reason of the Peloponnesian war was Sparta attacking Athens because he was the treasurer of the Delian League and Sparta didn´t like that. The winner of this war was Sparta since Athens surrendered. The war would cause Greece to disband and become weak which will soon become conqured by Macedonia.

The Macedonian who Loved Greece. Alexander the Great!

Alexander is known for his love of Greece and Greek culture. The country of Macedonia would soon take over Greece but kept Greek culture. Alexander is known for being ¨Great¨ since he conqured so much. Everwhere he would conqured he would spread Greek culture since he loved it so much. His spread of Greek culture is really important because it would affect western culture.