By: Kendall Wilson

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  • The region of Georgia is the Appalachin Plateau.
  • Georgia was founded on January 2, 1788
  • Georgia was founded my James Oglethorpe
  • It was founded because King George gave a charter to James to create a new colony, which was named Georgia, after King George
  • Debtors, people who owned debt came and settled in Georgia so that they could start fresh.
  • The Georgia settlers would make a living by exporting tobacco, and other farming products. Colonial work was mainly related to agriculture, with top exports such as veggies, fruits, cotton, and livestock.
  • Georgia was governed by a proprietor, in this case James Oglethorpe because he founded it and was the "owner"
  • Georgia's major city during the colonial time period was Savannah.
  • Some of Georgia's significant landforms are the Appalachin and Blue ridge mountains, Piedmont Plateau,Stone Mountain,Okefenokee swamp, and more.
  • Several different religious beliefs were allowed in Georgia during this period. The only religion completely unwelcome, was Catholicism.
  • A few reasons I'd like to move here would be because it's weather. I like warm weather a lot more than cold. I also love Florida and I have family there too. Georgia isn't as far from Florida than North Carolina is. I think Georgia would be a good place to live because they have beaches and fun things to do but they also have a lot of work opportunities and you can live as close or as far from all the beach action as you want. Another reason I'd like to live there is because all the parts to how Georgia came to be are really interesting and Georgia has a lot of fun things to do and beautiful things to see!
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