Lawler Middle School Orchestra

Please watch the video below for lots of information

Welcome to Orchestra

Let's get ready for August

Step 1: Try out instruments

Step 2: Sign-up for orchestra

Step 3: Acquire Instrument and Supplies

Step 4: Get Connected

We go over a lot of important details in the video above.

Required Supplies

These supplies are included in the 'beginner kit' or 'school kit' that we discussed in the video. Your student will need all of these supplies for beginner orchestra.

  • Method Book: Sound innovations for string orchestra, book 1

  • Shoulder rest/rock stop

  • Cleaning cloth

  • Rosin

  • Music Stand

Tuner: Your student will also need a tuner which is not automatically included in the kit. You can purchase through Dallas Strings or online.

Violin/Viola: D’Addario Micro Violin Tuner

Cello/Bass: Korg AW-LT100M

Reputable Rental Companies

#1 Option:

Other Local Options:

Step #4: Get Connected