Lawler Middle School Orchestra

Let's get ready for August

Step 1: Try out instruments

Step 2: Sign-up for orchestra

Step 3: Rent Instrument and Purchase Supplies

Step 4: Enroll in private lessons (or get on a waitlist)

Step 5: Get Connected

We go over a lot of important details in the video below. This video covers the same information that we covered at the parent meeting in March.

Please watch the video below for lots of information

Welcome to Orchestra

Required Supplies

These supplies are included in the 'beginner kit' or 'school kit' that we discussed in the video. Your student will need all of these supplies for beginner orchestra.

  • Method Book: Sound innovations for string orchestra, book 1

  • Shoulder rest/rock stop

  • Cleaning cloth

  • Rosin

  • Music Stand

Your student will also need a tuner which is not automatically included in the kit. When purchasing your beginner kit, please opt to get the recommended tuner as an add-on item.

Your student will need all of the above supplies.

Make sure to get the beginner kit and tuner with your rental to make the process smooth for your student as they start the year.

Step #3: Rent Instrument and purchase supplies

Reputable Rental Companies

You can click on these links to get your rental started now! Make sure to also purchase the supply kit and tuner. If you need to know your student's instrument size, please email lalondec@friscoisd.org

#1 Option:

Other Local Options:

If you find another local option and want to know if it meets the requirements, please just ask. There are lots of great local options for instrument rental.

Unless you are signed up for summer lessons, please have your rental delivered to Lawler. Students should not be playing their instruments unguided over the summer. This will set them back in their technique and make the beginning of the year more difficult for them.

Step #4: Enroll in Private Lessons (or get on a waitlist)

Private lessons are an important part of a musician's growth. While not required, we highly recommend private lessons to all students in the LMS orchestras. Every student will start their musical journey in orchestra with a different level of natural talent and prior musical experience, but no matter where they are starting, private lessons will help them to grow and build strong technique.

Lawler Orchestra classes are taught in a group setting. While we work to meet with each student individually to set goals and work on technique, orchestra class functions very differently from a one-on-one lesson as we usually teach with at least a 20 student to 1 teacher ratio.

Private lessons are not "tutorials" to help with the classroom curriculum and should not be used to boost your student for a short period of time in preparation for auditions or competitions. While lessons can function as a support to classroom teaching, private lessons are a companion to the orchestra classroom and an opportunity for your student to receive extended one-on-one coaching, long term growth, and to approach their instrument as a soloist rather than one of many students in the ensemble. Students in lessons will receive additional solo music and will have opportunities to shine at solo contests in the spring and region auditions in their 7th/8th grade years.

Most lessons take place as pull-outs during orchestra class once a week, but can also be scheduled outside of the school day per teacher availability. Signing up for private lessons is a full school year commitment. Please do not sign up for a lesson spot unless you are committed to lessons for the full school year. Our private lesson teachers build their schedule according to sign-ups.

Most of our lesson teachers are currently fully booked, but they may have openings for the summer and next fall. If you wish to get enrolled please contact a recommended teacher now to get on a waitlist for the fall or potentially get a head start this summer.

If you choose to start lessons over the summer, please let Mrs. LaLonde know so we can plan for your student and their additional knowledge at the start of the school year.

Recommended Lesson Teachers

Please reach out directly to lesson teachers to secure a lesson spot.

Violin/Viola Instructors:

Tonia Pilliod violakitten@gmail.com

Ethan Rouse mail@ethanrouse.com

Yeibon Chang yeibon@gmail.com

Jeanny Whu jeanny209@yahoo.com

Cello Instructors:
Chris Phillpott cphillpott2@gmail.com

Kaye Chilton summeryuho@gmail.com

Daniel Chilton chiltondaniel93@gmail.com

Bass Instructors:

Andrew Goins agoins@me.com

Nancy Heffernan basslady@aol.com

Step #5: Get Connected

Twitter @lawlerorchestra

Instagram @lawlerorchestra

Sign up for Remind: Text the code @lmsobeg to the phone number 81010

Christy LaLonde lalondec@friscoisd.org

Kevin Sluder sluderk@friscoisd.org