Warrior Weekly

For the Week of January 19-23, 2015

Huge Crowd Expected for our First Annual Dinner Theater!

We are so excited to have such an enormous response to our Dinner Theater on Tuesday, January 20. We are expecting more than 500 participants. Don't panic! There are plenty of us already doing that! :) We appreciate all of the help from staff members. We are setting up two different dinner/movie areas due to the huge number of people we will serve. We will have three different areas for serving so that we can get people their food quickly and start our movie promptly. Congratulations to all of you for promoting this great event!

If you are able to help that night and have not signed up, please do so in the office. We want to know if we are going to have enough help. I know the students and families will be excited to see you here. This is an opportunity for us to give to them and show them how much they are all appreciated.

After School: Meet in the hallway outside the media center. We will be setting up tables and chairs, covering tables, putting out napkins and forks, setting center pieces on tables, setting up the three serving areas, etc.

During the event: We will need people to be in the serving area to help keep serving tables supplied, others will need to be in the seating area to help assure tables are all filled, as we will not have any extra seats!!! We may need to wheel trash cans in and out as they fill, and just watch for other needs as they arise.

Clean-up Crew--Knowing a lot of our amazing parents, we will have lots of help with that because that is just how they are. :)

We will be sending information home to the parents with specific instructions for what doors to enter, what to expect that evening, etc. Please be watching for that on Monday.

Schedule for the Week! (NWEA testing continues.)

MONDAY--Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

  • 7:35--RTI Team 2--Make-up Session for Thursday of cancellation. Those who can make this work, your help would be appreciated, but if you have a conflict this morning, it is fine.


  • 7:35--Grade Level/Department Meetings--your agenda should include a discussion on your close reading instruction for this week.
  • 5:30--Peter Pan Dinner Theater


  • 7:35--SMART Start--Ruth Ayres will continue with your work on Close Reading strategies. Mwe will begin in the Media Center.


  • 7:35--RTI--Team 2 (sorry to have you meet twice in one week!)
  • 9:00--Building Principal's Meeting
  • 3:30--Case Conference


  • 7:35--School Safety Committee Meeting
  • Staff Birthday Celebration
  • Shrine circus for grades 3&4

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Congratulations Spelling Bee Winners!

Congratulations to Cammy Kryder, our 2015 Spelling Bee Champion! And, to Alaina Ward, our 2015 Runner-up! Great job by everyone!