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Winter 2022

Message from Ranger Jason!

Hello Friends,

Another winter season is upon us and as I write this message to you, I cannot help but to be distracted by the scene out my window. The backdrop of the Ligon White Pines with falling snow is a sight I never tire of. Even though it looks cold out there, somehow that chill and whistle of wind beckons for a closer investigation. What experience awaits around the next bend of the trail? What critters are active now, trying to survive this time of year by searching out the next meal and can I silently stalk through this quiet blanket of snow for a better vantage point? Will the Bald Eagles be perched by the lake? How much snow will fall and how far can I walk in the snowshoes before I tire and need to retreat to a warm fire? When is the next group of kids going to be here to share these experiences with? All good things to daydream of, but none more important than that last one. When will you come visit?

Winter is a magical time of year here at the Ligon Outdoor Center and there are many educational, recreational, and just plain fun experiences for students to participate in. I encourage you to contact me to help plan and schedule a trip with your class this winter. Together we can customize a trip that will include lessons and activities that will fit your educational goals and give students the opportunity to share in experiences that for some will be a once in a lifetime moment, while for others this day may help plant a seed that will continue to grow for a lifetime. When will you come visit?

Ranger Jason

Ligon Activities for you and your students:

1. Visit Ligon this winter-click on Reservation Form below to get started!

2. Snowshoe on Loan-check out snowshoes to use right at your school!

3. Ranger in the Classroom-Ranger Jason delivers a lesson to your students at your school!

4. Live Stream Ranger Jason-Connect and learn virtually

5. Videos Lessons- Learn more about STEM through videos

Adventure Awaits You and Your Students!

Forest covered in snow with the sun shining through the trees

1. Visit Ligon this Winter with your students!

Felling the winter blues? Ready to get outside for some fresh air? Ligon is open for field trips filled with multiple activities. Ranger Jason is excited and ready to help you customize your visit. Come explore how beautiful nature can be during the Michigan winter months.

Call 810-560-2187 today to plan your trip or click on the form below to get started.

2. Snowshoes on Loan-schedule now for available dates!

Due to a generous donation from the Genesee County Educational Foundation, Ligon has received brand new snowshoes for all age ranges! We are thrilled to be able to continue offering this winter recreational activity to our visitors.

If your school or district is unable to visit Ligon Outdoor Center this winter, fear not! The snowshoes will be available for free rental to local educators to use at their school with students.

Reservations for shoes must be made with Ranger Jason directly at 810-560-2187. Ligon cannot guarantee the availability of the snowshoes but we will work together to meet the needs of your class. Please call for more information.

3. Ranger in the Classroom-Schedule Ranger Jason to Come to your classroom!

This year, the Ligon Outdoor Center is offering activities led by Ranger Jason Bentley at your school! These programs are designed for 60-90 minute duration. Two grade level activities can be presented during one time session. Programs are sponsored by the Genesee Intermediate School District and the Genesee County Educational Foundation. There are no costs for the schools to host Ranger in the Classroom.

There are several programs offered that accommodate grades 1-8. Please click the flyer below to view information regarding program details and content standards.

For more information and to reserve a visit, please complete the Reservation Form or call 810-591-4487.

4. Live Stream with Ranger Jason

If your district has opted for virtual instruction and your classroom is unable to visit Ligon or host Ranger Jason in your building, we invite you to choose the Live Stream option! Ranger Jason can connect with you and your students virtually via online platforms.

Content can be customized for your specific classroom needs, based on the subject matter your students are learning. Ranger Jason can provide live streaming options for most grade levels.

Please contact Ranger Jason directly at 810-560-2187 to discuss connecting via live stream!

5. Lessons from Ligon Videos

At Ligon, we believe that the best learning is embedded in nature! Join Ranger Jason as he brings Lessons from Ligon to you at home or school! He explores different topics and activities related to nature focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

Watch Lessons from Ligon here.

Apply to the MiSTEM Ligon Mini Grant and receive funds to purchase supplies for these lessons!

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