AM National Newsletter

#37 | Week 4 | April 2016

AIESEC in Malaysia is severely dropping!

Heads up, AIESEC in Malaysia! After a successful Winter Peak, we are now experiencing major difficulty in improving in results from last Summer Peak. LCs are slumping and not approving EPs fast enough in both oGCP and iGCP. The situation is critical and if you are reading this, think about how you can be the agent of change in your LC. What can you do within 5 minutes after reading this that will ignite the fire of change? Take action today!

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Aboard AIESEC Airlines, AIESEC in UNMC is the only LC to have purchased not only one but now two seats for this amazing Summer Peak journey! A big congratulations to all the members of UNMC! But it's not over yet, as UNMC did 71 Matches last term in Q2 only in oGCP - standing at 43 for the current Quarter, it still has a long way to go to be able to consider it as growth! Let's strive to be excellent and not just average!

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MC Roadtrip Wrap Up

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After Penang's MC Visit last week, it was time for MC Roadtrip to pass through UPM, Kedah-Perlis and Kuching! Between Global Villages, promotion booths and meetings, the MC got to experience, feedback and help optimize LC general EPRD delivery to better support and achieve their own Summer Peak goals.

Something that was noticed was a general lack of enthusiasm and team storming throughout the LCs - AIESEC in Malaysia, remember that AIESEC is supposed to be fun! Feel the energy of this great youth organization and deliver on your Summer Peak not because you have to, but because it is connected to your why of still being here!

Politeknik Explore touches ground!

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The first participants of our new Exchange project with politechnic schools have just landed to start their life-changing Global Citizen programme! Throughout this Summer period, we will be sending 16 of these students abroad under close supervision of the schools' administrations - and if they go well and as planned, we will be able to exponentially upscale our partnership into huge numbers! A great challenge for us to test out our oGCP value delivery at a national scale!

Save Malaysia Now!

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We are still not approving EPs hard enough for our iGCP Projects to be able to save Malaysia from the zombie invasion! Even our dear members are starting to collapse when faced with this horrible contagion! Last week our MCP turned into a zombie, but check this picture of how the zombie apocalypse has even reached the edges of Malaysia in Kedah-Perlis! Wake up, AIESEC in Malaysia! It's time to bring in foreign fighters to help us with this invasion!

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Our new Partner: Getmii Asia!

AIESEC in Malaysia is now partnering with Getmii as our official communication partner and these are the main features:

1. Getmii Answers:- Getmii will be used for AM and our EPs for any internal communication, be it for casual hookup (for food or hangouts) or for formal communication between EPs and AM as a dedicated channel

2. Getmii Bosto:- A challenge for any brave soul who dreamt of an internship in the United States of America and AIESEC Malaysia is endorsing the challenge for any AIESECer and network who are interested in a leadership development abroad!

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So here's what you got to do!

1. Go download the app in App Store if you're with the fruitmaster or Play Store if you're on the cyborg side. Or to make your life easier, use the QR code

2. If you are in Getmii, join your LC group (Ask your LCVP MKT) and if you have no idea how it works, buzz your LCVP MKT for it.

3. Start requesting your needs! ;)

There you go, 3 simple steps. Getmii - AIESEC Malaysia partnership is going to move our communication platform forward and I invite you in this journey with us together.

Updates from MC Office

Out of Office

This week: Ana, Kenny and John (GLC 2016, Portugal); Hanne (Brand Summit, Netherlands)

Next week: Ana, Kenny and John (GLC 2016, Portugal); Hanne (Brand Summit, Netherlands)

What is the MC up to this week?

Hanne (MCP)

-> Q1 Performance Review and Brand Process Audit Summit

Hui Yeen (FL)

-> iGTP Financial Tracking and Finance Summit Output

John (IM)

-> Global LEAD Conference

Edward (iGCP)

-> Opportunity Marketing and Matching Campaign Launch

Sin Ting (oGTP)

-> CU Info Session and Team Performance Review

Erik (CX)

-> ECB Direction Planning and iGCP Value Delivery

Manu (OD)

-> MC Roadtrip Kuching

Ana (TM)

-> Global LEAD Conference

JT (Expansion)

-> MC Roadtrip Kedah-Perlis and iGCP Value Delivery

Paul (Marketing)

-> EST Management and Facebook Ad Optimizing

Kenny (BD)

-> Global LEAD Conference and TalentCorp + TFM Follow Up

Pravin (PR)

-> Data Analysis for YS Survey and Finalize COP Impact Showcasing Guideline

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