Tony loko

lewis jr

english 9 4x4

my luh speech

I have a dream that one day i'll be succesful in eveything i do. I have a deam, that one day my hair would grow faster. I dream too get rich so i can have ,and get anything i want. Also that i can walk the streets with all types of jordans, and never hungry again ,with gold in my mouth and around my neck ,and wrist ,and pinky. I want to get married to keshara ,sa'taria, and ki ,own the true religion stores every were, that one day everybody woud come to there sinces and vote me for president. I have a dream, i will walk the ed carpet with keshara beside me with red bottoms on her feet (got to get he the best) , i also have a dream, i will have a big house with a pool , I have a dream i will be rich!

I think this is my best journal and i like it better den all the other journals. because its all about my dreams and what i want and all i really want is to be rich for real and get evrything i want. when your rich you get what ever you want so that why i want to be rich ,and plus i like saying "i have a dream" makes me feel like mlk too.

student choice essay ,What is worth fighting for? the rights to the streets of memphis.

The rights to to the streets , and the respect for richard, because the hood gang jumped him and robbed him for his stuff. So he needed to fight back. His mother refuses to let him in the house. He gets the rights to the streets of Memphis, he becomes a man.He claimed and stood his ground against the mean boys and will not be bothered anymore. Instead of him being scared of them, they are scared of him. He has to face becoming a man, and having to become the man of the house for his mother.

note to myself!!! listen up!!

Dear loko , wats up me , but this semester was pretty cool, i did my work most of it i think i can do better, way better but shaquan always talking to me, making me not do my work, but always get it done sometime time. i plan on doing alot better next semester then get straight A's if i dont im planing on droping out geting my GED some other way and going to the army to shoot people i dont care about , get me car a house and a wife (keshara) if she dont stop playing game with me then i can buy her every thing she wan and i want.

sincerely: Tony loko lewis