Ankle Sprain: Prevention and Rehab

By: Casey Jamison

Types of Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are the most common type of ankle injury. One type of sprain is an inversion ankle sprain which is most commonly seen. This is where the foot rolls inward. The inner part of the foot goes up. The second type is an Eversion sprain. This is where the inside part of the foot rolls outward and the ankle moves in towards the other foot.

Ankle Rehab

An athlete can go see a physical therapist or even a regular clinician can help implement a multi-intervention injury prevention program that will work on balance and neuromuscular control to help prevent further injury. Other parts of rehab are, rest, ice, compression and elevation. The athlete will do this so the swelling of the patients ankle will be reduced. After the pain and swelling goes down it is beneficial to start working the ankle again so that the athlete can get back on the court or field.

Ankle Sprain Prevention

Once you have fully rehabilitated your ankle you can wear an ankle brace or continue taping your ankle to prevent it from possibly occurring again. Also rebuilding the strength of that ankle will help to prevent an injury in the future.


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