PALCS Biggest Loser Challenge 2017

January 9th-March 13th

Have fun and get fit!

Looking to get healthier in 2017? Join your PALCS friends and coworkers in a friendly weight loss challenge as we work together to shed some holiday pounds!

How do I join the challenge?

Participants will join as teams of 4. Once you've organized your team, complete the form (link below) with your team name and members. Each individual will contribute a $10 entrance fee which will go into the winning team's jackpot prize!

How will the challenge be scored and regulated?

Every Monday morning, weigh-ins will begin at 9 am (location TBD). These weigh-ins will be private! After you have weighed yourself, you will record your weight in a spreadsheet maintained by the challenge organizer (Jenna Stec). Participants will be given a participant number to help maintain privacy. No one will be aware of your weight except you!

Results will be determined by the total percentage of weight lost by team, not by total pounds lost.

The last weigh-in will take place Friday, March 17th. The team who has lost the greatest percentage of body weight will be declared the winners!