Friday Coffee Chat: 4 for 40!!



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Friday Sept 25, 2015

What a week! We sure have had FUN booking up more FALL shows!

Since Monday, as a team we have booked:

  • 19 new shows for Sept/Oct!
  • 19 new shows for November!

We unlocked prize # 1 in our 4 for 40 chart tracking new Sept/Oct show and Leslie Saunders has won the new Holiday earring stud pack! (see above chart on left). 3 more prizes up for grabs:

  1. New Black and Gold scarf from Holiday line!
  2. New Holiday line Black Crossbody bag!
  3. New Watch from new Holiday line!

And thanks for our two Associate Directors Pamela Meester and Nandini Collins-- there is even MORE FUN FOR FALL with new November trunk shows are getting a piece of the action. Patti Lundrigran won the new Holiday chandelier earrings! (see above chart on right). 1 more prize up for grabs in this category too! See below!

Next steps-- keep booking our fall and there is no better time for follow-up than FOLLOW-UP FRIDAY! We have been warming ladies up and it is time to follow-up with that phone call!

Who will book our team's #20 September/October show to unlock the next prize-- the gorgeous new Holiday black scarf?

Who will add November shows too?

Can't wait to see you all soar and achieve YOUR goals this Fall!



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Give her a quick call! Some Words to Say!

“Hi Kim, It’s Gina with Stella & Dot. How are you? Have your kids gotten settled back into school? Hey—have you had a chance to look at the email I sent with the new pieces from our new line? They made me think of you! I’d love to show you the product in person, in fact, I’d love to do a trunk show with you and your friends. I’m a simple fun 2 hour pop up show in your living room or kitchen. I’ve got a couple of dates!”

"Hi Rebecca- how are you? Did you have a great summer? I'm just getting in touch as you mentioned you wanted to host a show towards the end of this year? I am getting my scheduled sorted out for the Fall and I have a few dates left. (WE ALL KNOW THIS IS NOT STRICTLY TRUE...HA HA!) . I wanted to touch base to see if this is something I could do for you!"

"Hi Emily - It's Gina with Stella & Dot. We last chatted before the summer-- I can't believe it's September! We have some exciting things happening at S&D and I thought you might like to be a part of it?!! We have our Breast Cancer Boutique for October AND we're launching our NEW HOLIDAY '15 Collection in 2 weeks- which includes are expansion into WATCHES!!! So beautiful. I know they are going to be great gifts.

I thought you might enjoy gathering the ladies at this time of year - when most are for SURE shopping for new looks for themselves and especially GIFTS for the season! Wanted to circle back and see if that interests you?? I'd love to plan a fun easy coffee open-house one day for 2 hours if you're up for it!?"

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The original rules announced on Monday!

Launching 4 for 40 booking contest!

Here is how it will work!


  1. Book any NEW trunk show for SEPTEMBER or OCTOBER! *
  2. Enter it into Lounge!
  3. Let me know about your new booking via email or post on our team page!
  4. Get your name on our team tracker!

Goal: Book 40 new trunk shows!

  • Once we book 10 new shows, I will pull a winner for the new Stud pack debuting from lines 1-10!
  • Once the 20th new show is booked, the gals on lines 1-20 are entered to win the gorgeous black new scarf! Can't wait to see the entire scarf!
  • At new trunk show # 30-- one lucky gal from lines 1-30 will win the new Crossbody! $89 value!
  • Tick, tock, tick, tock-- once we hit 40 new shows-- one gal will win this watch! Gasp!

* Online shows and vendor shows don't count for this contest. For our 4 winners, hold that new show and qualify it with $300+ in sales and your prize will ship to you that day!

MORE FUN FOR FALL November tracker!

Our two Associate Directors Pamela Meester and Nandini Collins added another tracker to this contest! New November shows!

They are raffling off prizes at the 15th and 30th shows booked and the second prize is still up for grabs-- the gorgeous new Holiday cuff shown below!

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Follow our Team Facebook page for daily tips and words to say for booking your fall!

xo, Gina Bogda, Director

Heart of Leadership Director and Founding Leader of the incredible Gem Fatales Golden Gems Team! We are an international team of Stella & Dot stylists who support each other in person and in our virtual board rooms! It's good to be a Golden Gem!