The Path to Becoming a Doctor

Presently the Chief Medical Officer at Arizona Priority Care Plus in Chandler, Arizona, Amish Purohit began his journey in health care at the Saba University School of Medicine. Since then he has worked as a family physician and an orthopedist for which he was named as one of America’s Top doctors for the years 2007 and 2014. Amish Purohit has dedicated his life to serving others, and with his more than 20 year experience in healthcare he has served in numerous executive and primary care positions as a doctor. However it is his journey there that is of the most interest to individuals wishing to follow his expert example and become a doctor.

In the United States, individuals wishing to become doctors must be prepared for a lengthy process. You are first required to complete four years at a college or university, to earn a BS or BA degree with a strong emphasis on the sciences. Once your undergraduate career is complete, you may apply to medical school. The college or university you attended must be listed under the Liaison Committee on Medical Education’s (LCME) list of accredited schools. Once you have been accepted into, and completed your medical education, you are required to complete additional training before practicing on your own as a physician. This period of additional training is called your residency, and the process for your preferred spot in a hospital of your choice is highly competitive. There are many different specialties under which you can complete your residency, and it is the specialty that you choose, which determines the length of your residency as some are longer than others. The other aspect of medical training, the Fellowship, is completely optional, though open to all who wish to attain further specialisation in a particular area. After all of this, you still need to obtain a license to practice from the state you are planning to practice in.

It is not an easy road to become a physician. It requires hard word, dedication, an enormous time commitment and a great amount of thought prior to committing yourself to this career path. Purohit has dedicated his life to healthcare in the service of others and has received much recognition for it. As he continues to excel, his success will continue to leave the clues necessary for anyone wishing to follow in his footsteps.