Hungry Clowns

(2 players max, not including mom or dad)

Why i chose to create this activity.

I chose to create this activity because it is suitable for children aged 3 to 5,and it focuses on the child's cognitive development as they are counting in they're head, the number mom/dad brother/sister have pulled out of the deck, I also made it because it is not to complicated or difficult for the child to play and I believe that it is engaging for the child because clowns are very colorful and the child will be attracted to the toy and will be curious to play and learn how to count.

Why is it appropriate to 3 to 5 yearolds.

I believe that it is appropriate for 3 to 5 year olds because it is not even the slightest bit complicated unless the child is just starting to count , it is very beneficial for the childs memory and recognition of numbers as they will form an image of how number looks in their heads and will be able to put in the right amount into the clowns mouth.

It is also appropriate for kids because the activity is not asking the child to do something that is not suitable for their age group e.g juggle a ball, the activity is just to look at the card say the number and feed the clown some food.

simple intro to the things in the game.

Guarenteed to be fun and entertaining for both mom and child.