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The South by Aashir Ahmed

The South


The south has been very important in the building and improvement of the U.S. Some major events that have happened in the south have been when english settlers found and started settling down south, this stated the expansion of America. In the south though there was a lot of farm land and with that came a lot of slavery. Due to the slavery the Civil War began in America and once the North won, slavery was soon after abolished in America. In more modern era Martin Luther King Jr. used to speak up about segregation in the south and was a man with great morals.


The south is located mostly in the south eastern part of the U.S. Their bordering states are New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Their physical characteristics are a humid subtropical climate, and include amazing features like the Ohio River, and the Appalachian Mountains.


The economy in the south is growing rapidly. Having one of the fastest growing cities, Atlanta, there are many jobs available in the south. The south is also very important due the the amount of natural resources they have. They have about 80% of the worlds coal, they grow many things like tobacco . They also have a huge supply in iron ore and oil which help America run every single day. Also with the growing amount of industry in the south, many job opportunities have opened up and are just one little factor that helps the southern economy grow every single day.


Many people and iconic figures have came from the south. Here are some, Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West, Martin Luther King Jr. Jimmy Carter, Alice Walker and many more.


There are many things that you can do in the south, you can visit one of the many beaches in Florida. You can go to the one and only Music City in Nashville, you can go visit the amazing city of Atlanta, You can even go watch professional sports game in almost every state if you want to. There is no shortage of things that you can do with family and friends in the south.

States in the South


  • Abbreviation- Ga
  • Capitol- Atlanta
  • Largest City- Atlanta
  • Area- 59,441 square miles
  • Population- 9,992,167
  • Residents name- Georgians
  • Nickname- Empire State of the South, Peach State
  • Motto- "Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation"
  • Song- Georgia on My Mind
  • Bird- Brown thrasher
  • Flower- Cherokee rose
  • Tree- Live oak
  • Flag- The Georgia state flag has three horizontal stripes with a blue square in the upper left area of the flag In the blue square is a circle of 13 stars around the seal of the state of Georgia


  • Abbreviation- TN
  • Capitol- Nashville
  • Largest City- Memphis
  • Area- 42,146 square miles
  • Population- 6,495,978
  • Residents name- Tennesseans
  • Nickname- The Volunteer State
  • Motto- "Agriculture and Commerce"
  • Song- My Homeland Tennessee
  • Bird- Mockingbird
  • Flower- Iris
  • Tree- Tulip Poplar
  • Flag- There is three white stars in the flag that symbolize three different geographical regions of Tennessee.The white circle around them brings them together. The blue stripe along the side of the flag was added for distinction when the flag is hanging.