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Friday, May 20

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An important note about Final Exams

NC State Board of Education policy GCS-A-016 allows each school district to set the weight of final exams in determining the final grade for a course. Districts must calculate final exams at least 20%; NCVPS calculates final exams as 25% in its final grade but since NCVPS is a supplement to our public schools, each student's district will determine how much the student's final exam will count in his or her final grade. Therefore, students may see a difference in their final grades the school reports to them if the district weighs final exams more or less than 25%. The district's determination of final exam percentages outweighs NCVPS's decision to weigh final exams 25%. Determination of the final course grade is the district's decision.

This includes Final Projects that students complete in combination along with the Final Exam.

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Beverly Aguirre