Ancient Greek & Rome architecture

What did the buildings in Ancient Greece look like?

They were tall and had large Collums supporting roof. Mostly marble were decorated with statues of Gods and Goddess and symbols. Staues surrounding the perimeter

What type of art can be found in Ancient Greece?

The type of art found in Ancient Greek is classic. There art is very realistic because they tried to make it as realistic as possible.
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How did temples play apart in Greek life? What did they look like?

They played apart in Greek life because the Greeks would go into the temple to worship the gods and goddesses and show thier great-fullness.

Who were the Patrons of the arts of Ancient Greece?

The patrons of art were the wealthy or those belonging to the upper class during this time.

What did we learn about the artist in Ancient Greece?

We learned that the Greek took a lot of time to build what they were building. Also that they would observer other artists to make there staues as realistic as possible.

What are the three types of Collums made in Greece?

* Doric

* Iconic

* Corinthian

Three ways Ancient Greek reflects today is

* You can learn about the gods and goddesses they worships

* You can learn there symbols and languages carved on buildings to see what they were saying

*There writing is used by people today