Learn Arabic Faster!

Learn Arabic Faster!

An excellent article on how to learn Arabic!

Salam guys my name’s Sara amin,
I’m 23 English literature graduate. I’m a language learning lover. I can speak German, Chinese, Japanese Italian Portuguese. one of the few languages i had not managed to learn is Arabic.

I spent six months at college trying to learn Arabic and struggled.
I’d wonder why is this language so hard to learn? I mean Chinese is harder right?

I realized it’s not the language that was hard but rather the way I was learning that I needed to change.
Thank god I came across this book called Get Fluent In Arabic. It literally changed how fast I learned Arabic.

The reasons why I loved this book are,
▶It contains language learning exercises for developing your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
▶It tells you the core mistakes that people make which may have saved me years of going around in circles not getting anywhere.
▶It teaches you how to learn vocab fast and not forget it.
▶It simplifies Arabic grammar without complicating things
▶You can measure your progress by comparing yourself with the progress report that tells you where you should be depending on how long you've been studying Arabic. That means you know how well you’re doing. Coz if we can't measure our progress then how do we know how well we're doing right?

For $2.99 it's cheap and well worth the investment. I'd recommend all Arabic students read Get Fluent In Arabic before you start studying Arabic

It actually will teach you how to learn Arabic faster. I also bought the print coz I loved wanting to own the hard copy which is very nice.

▶US Kindle
▶US Paperback
▶UK Kindle
▶UK Paperback

Learn Arabic Faster!