the one and only

the Fam

i have 4 sisters, my mom, my step dad, and two dogs.

MY life

my life is pretty fluctuant. i have been lots of places and seen a lot of things. some of which have scared me for life, others have made me happy and ecstatic. Im very friendly and chill person, i have no dislike for anyone anywhere. We may not think alike but i will never disrespect you or treat you wrongfully. thats only a brief description of me but now i will get into some things i like. When i get out of high school i want to get my degree in medicine so i can help people. If there is one thing i love the most is to help people who need it. Over winter break i didn't do a whole lot. Mainly i played video games, watched netflix, and just chilled. I spent my christmas eve alone as usual hiding in a cave and played video games till i felt tired then passed out on my bed. On christmas day we went to my grandparents house and opened the presents they got us. I was never ungrateful for anything i loved every thing i received and plan on having a ton of fun with all of them. My favorite gift ad to be this supper expensive watch i got from my grandparents, not because it was a watch, but that it was $1,000 and they got it for me. Ive never had anything as expensive as that i felt so mature and responsible from that point on. i felt i had to prove i deserved something as great as this. We didn't really go on a vacation because all our family live here in KC, however we did go to church and hung out with my aunt an uncle.

Other Areas of my Life

i love athletics, its my life and i don't know any other way. I love football with a passion, nothing gets me more fired up then to see our team succeed the way they did this year. i also like Hockey its a fast paced high intensity sport just like football only more violence. finally the thing i am the best at and that is....Shot Put. Yeah im good at football, but shot put is something i feel i could excel in. I like it because it shows true individual skill, in football its a team thing so a few people can make the whole team look good. in Shot its all you, your good or your not there is no in between. i actually hold the school record for it as of December 19th. 55ft 2inch. the previous record being 53ft 7inch. i will set the bar high for the next kid who wants to be great comes along. its one of many great accomplishment i plan on having in life.