-A medicine taken by inhaling it

What is an inhalant?

An inhalant is a medicine , anesthetic, or other compound in vapor or aerosol form, taken by inhalation. Inhalants can hurt your body, they can also change the way you look. They can sag your skin by inhaling to much.

Examples of Inhalants

There are more than 1,400 types of inhalants. Some examples of inhalants are gas, finger nail polish, type writer correction fluid, air conditioning coolant, propane, felt tip markers, spray paint, air freshener, butane, cooking spray, paint, and glue. Some of the examples you use to cook and when used make sure that a window is open or it would be safer to do so outside.

The effects of inhalants

Inhaled chemicals are rapidly absorbed through the lungs to the blood steam and distributed to the brain and other organs. The effects are:

- muscle weakness - visual disturbance

- abdominal pain - depressed reflexes

- severe mood swings - stupor

- violent behavior - loss of consciousness

- belligerence - limb spasms

-slurred speech - fatigue

- numbness - lack of coordination

- tingling of hands and feet - apathy

- nausea - impaired judgement

- haring loss - dizziness

- lethargy

That is all of the effects of inhalants.

Rules to be safe of the inhalants

Some rules are to never do it a house because it could get into the carpet and the ceiling and other people who live or visit the house would also be doing inhalants. So it would probably be safer to do it outside or leave the windows open.