Fun with Feelings

Social Emotional Learning Kindergarten Readiness Workshop

How to use the online workshop...

Each of the topics will include tips, activities, videos, or games for you to view and play along with your child.

Be creative with the activities and use what you have at home.

Have fun with your child and enjoy!

Topics Covered

  • The Color Monster Read A loud
  • Importance of Sleep
  • Promoting Independence

  • Feelings Identification

  • Communication/ Temperament

Read Aloud "The Color Monster"

Enjoy this story about emotions. Here is a list of some other great books about feelings and emotions.

When Sophie’s Feelings Are Really, Really Hurt by Molly Bang

The Way I Feel by Janan Cain

The Feelings Book by Todd Parr

The Pigeon Has Feelings, Too! by Mo Willems

The Color Monster, A Story About Emotions by Anna Llenas | Children's Books | Storytime with Elena


Why is sleep so important??

  1. Sleep Boosts Learning
  2. Sleep helps beat germs
  3. Sleep effects weight
  4. Sleep increases attention span

Take a Look at the two Sleep Guides Below

Big picture
Big picture

Promoting Independence

It is important to help your child become Independent

Here are some tips for parents:

  1. Avoid doing everything for them
  2. Allow for enough time to practice
  3. Be prepared of mistakes
  4. Do some prep work before handing over to your child
  5. Set them Up for Success

Center #1

Below are activities you can have your child practice at home

  1. Shoes: Practice taking shoes on and off (don't worry about tying if your child hasn't mastered this skill yet)
  2. Coat: Put coat on zip up, unzip, take it off and up on hook
  3. Buttons: Practice buttoning and unbuttoning (this is helpful when your child has to use bathroom independently at school)
  4. Backpack: Have your child unzip backpack, take books or folders out, zip backpack and then place on hook. Also reverse this by having them unzip, place books or folders in the backpack, zip it up and place on their back.
  5. Scissors: Allow your child to practice cutting with scissors
  6. Pencil Grip: Give you child a pencil and have them practice writing their name, numbers, letters, etc.

Center #2


Identifying and sharing feelings is an important part in Social Emotional Development.

Watch the video below and have fun practicing with the activities.

Feelings Mirrors

Make a set of cards with different feelings on them. Have your child draw a card and make a face to match the feeling.

Ex. Draw the sad card, your child will make a sad/frowning face in the mirror.

Big picture

Temperament and Communication

Understanding your child's temperament, how they handle transitions and the way we communicate are important to factors in Kindergarten success. There are three types of temperament: easy, spirited, and slow to warm.

How we communicate with our children also matters. Take a look at the charts below for some more information and tips.

Big picture
Big picture

Center #3

Taking Turns and Communication

Turn taking, transitioning from one activity to another and communication are all great things to practice with your child. In this center watch and discuss the video about turn taking.

Try the timer activity and play games with your child to practice taking turns. You can use the links below, play simple card games, memory match, or sit and roll a ball back and forth.

Timer Activity

Set a timer and use it to practice transitioning from one activity to another. Have stations set up in your home and when the timer goes off have your child clean up and move to the next station. You can have a reading, writing, art or anything other station you want.

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