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Physical Properties:
  • odorless
  • tasteless
  • nontoxic

Chemical Properties:

  • can form an unstable hydrate in reaction to water
  • "inert" element - meaning it has 8 valence electrons
  • completely "stable" element
  • Noble Gas


  • when combined with Helium, it is used as a refrigerant
  • used to make high voltage indicators
  • advertising signs

Isotopes: (Naturally Occurring)

  • 20Ne
  • 21Ne
  • 22Ne

  • Found in the earth's atmosphere

Advertisement: Neon Gas

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Neon gas is how the magic of glowing signs and lights is created. With this noble gas and pure element, your business will be glowing in no time. Neon is also an important part of many other useful things for your business. These things include alarm clocks, light up signs, refrigerants, high voltage indicators, and much more. With the use of this simple element, your company will be "lit up" with business!

Neon, in combination with other elements, can form even more interesting products. However, no known stable compounds of neon have been created. Neon helps to create a unique look to your business and can also help give you new technology options such as refrigerants, high voltage indicators, alarm clocks and light up signs. Your business will be looking fresher than the Las Vegas strip before long with the help of the Noble Gas, Neon.