Carbon Cycle

What is it and why is it important By :Jacob Pilcher

What is the carbon cycle?

The carbon cycle is how the element carbon circulates in Earths atmosphere. You have to have Carbon to survive. It is also a major part in natural energy resources. When plants die they transfer their carbon into the ground. After that bacteria breaks down the soil and releases it back into the atmosphere. It is then breathed in as Co2 by the plants and the cycle can began again.

If the carbon cycle was disrupted by human activity what happens?

If the cycle is disrupted by humans, not as many plants will grow. Because of this bacteria dies and then less Carbon is released back into the atmosphere. Then the less plants produce oxygen and that means less air for us to breath.

If the humans disrupted the Carbon cycle...

If they disrupted the cycle then there would be a lot of problems with the ecosystem.

What can we do to help the Carbon cycle?

We can help the cycle be using alternative energy to power our cars. We can release less bad stuff into the air. We can plant more plants and compost.


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