Funky Flowers

Savannah Clay , Grace DuRocher, Olivia Wolf

Six Business Activities

Generating Ideas

Funky Flowers provides flowers for any event, that range from formal to out of the blue. You can order 1 to 100 flowers. We developed our idea from a time in our past where we needed flowers ASAP for a banquet, but we couldn't find anywhere to get them for a reasonable price. So we decided to create our own business to provide a range of flowers that you could get in a few minutes notice,and at a decent price. Our business is unique to any in our area because you can call or stop by and pick out your flowers yourself. Our selection of flowers ranges from a typical rose to a tropical lilies.

Raising Capital

Our money is a combination of our own and bank loans. We also did a family fundraiser where we raised 20,000 dollars to start our flower company.

Employee & Training

We put ads in the paper and around town. Our employees need a high school education and experience in the gardening field. We personally train our employees by teaching them how to care for the flowers in the shop, take orders, and help customers pick flowers from our displays. We teach our employees to be very customer friendly.

Buying Goods and Services

We will be getting our flowers from our own nursery. Materials for flower arrangements and containing them will be bought from Hobby Lobby. Materials such as office and cleaning supplies will be from Sam's Club.

Marketing Goods and Services

  • We have partnered with planning coordinators within 30 mile radius to our shop to recommend us while helping other customer events who take a 10% royalty for every customer they recommend and purchases flowers from our shop. Since we have a lot of high school employees we use their “tech savvy” selfs to promote us on all the popular social media sites such as Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, and we even run a SnapChat - FUNKYFLOWERS.

Maintaining Business Records

We use QuickBooks to contain the majority of our information. It costs us $18.86 a month to use QuickBooks.

However, we will use Google Spreadsheet to track order payments, as well as customer information.

Business Entity

Our business is a partnership. This gives us many advantages like a more solid financial base because there are three people contributing to the investments. Another advantage this gives us is more expertise and creativity within our company because there are multiple inputs to consider. A disadvantage of being a partnership is that we do not have protection for our personal assets if our company was to fail or go into debt. It is also a disadvantage because if one of our partners was to leave the company or pass away, the partnership would be dissolved.

Business Goals

  1. Above 90% customer satisfaction rate.
  2. Make a profit of more than $20,00 in the first year.
  3. Be recognized by local businesses as a trust worthy neighbor business.
  4. Have a returning customer rate of 60%.
  5. We hope to expand our business into three new even planning businesses.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Funky Flowers is to provide a unique touch to every event, contribute to special occasions, and supply you a bit of happiness with every one of our flowers. We are dedicated to giving back to our community, and to promote giving to others. We hope our flowers can stimulate a goodness inside of everyone and fabricate a smile across all of our costumers' faces.

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