1930s Research Project

To Kill a Mocking Bird and Great Depression

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was a world wide depression (econimic crash) that lasted for ten years. This event occuered on black tuesday in 1929.Businesses and industry were affected. Having lost much of their own capital in either the Stock Market Crash or the bank closures, many businesses started cutting back their workers' hours or wages Stock market prices went down really fast. A lot of people were trying to sell their stock but no one would buy them.So many people were affected by this stock market crash. They lost thier jobs, got payed less, and some business couldnt stay open with the cuts and the uneplyment rates went up.(Rosenberg)

Great Depression

The Great Depresssion is represented in the book it shows how different families in Maycomb are struggling. Scoutt asked Atticus, "Are we por Atticus?"Atticus nooded.This shows they were struggling with not much money.The Cunnighams are poor, they dont get to eat at every meal time and dont even have money for a house. The Great Depression infuleneced this sitution by leaving them close homeless and sometimes foodless. They dont take anything they cant pay back.(Lee,pg.27)