A Christmas Carol Background

Jessa Anderson

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Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was a very admired writer in the late 1800's. He started his literature career as a comic writer for Pickwick Papers, and was very successful. Later he wrote his own novels. Many of his stories still have an impact on society today. The names he used in his stories have stayed with us since and are well known. One of his best known books is A Christmas Carol.
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Dickens was alive in the era of industrialization. He grew up in a poor family and was forced to get a job of his own. Many kids, at that time, had to work to get money for their families. Industrialization is large scale manufacturing. Many people moved to large cities to make more money in factories than they made farming.
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Victorian Era

This era was in the years 1837 through 1901. During the Victorian Era, industry made great advancements, Britain took over many countries, and science made rapid improvements. This plays a role in "A Christmas Carol" because Dickens wrote this story at that time, and the tale took place in that time.
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Child Labor and Poverty during the Victorian Era

At the time when Dickens was living, many children had jobs and were in poverty. This was not uncommon at all, in fact, Charles himself was sent off to work. Children working were not given good care and got sick often. The death rate was very high for enslaved kids. Eventually, a law was passed the stop child labor.