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The Madagascar flag

The Madagascar flag has three colors, Red, Green, And White.

  • Red stands for Sovereignty
  • Green stands for Hope
  • White stands for Purity

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Madagascar was discovered june 16,1960 by Diogo Dias. The island used to be part of Africa but slowly broke away. It is currently the worlds 4th largest island. (Madagascar, culturegrams). The Madagascar schools were established in 1819 but Certain ages were required such as 6-13. Over time as the population has grown more and more of the forest begins to disappear. Currently 80% of the forest that original was there has now disappeared.("Interesting facts about Madagascar" African facts). Also the lemur population has decreased. At least 15 species are now extinct because of the human population. (Butler, Rhett, "Lemurs of Madagascar")


Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world. It is located in the Indian Ocean. It is 226,658 miles wide. The Island had broken away from Africa 165 million years ago. (Madagascar facts, Madagascar Flag. “National geographic’’). The first settlers were African and Asian. Population density is 94 people per square mile. The highest mountain is Maromokotro 9,435 Ft. In January the high is 52F in July it’s 50F. (Briney, Amanda. “Geography of Madagascar’’).


The education in madagascar is only for certain ages such as 6-13. If you are any other age it is most likely not free. They schools were established in 1819. (“Interesting facts about Madagascar”. Africa facts).

People and Population

Madagascar’s population is 23,812,681. Their middle age is 19.(Madagascar. ‘’proquest’’). They are also expected to live to the age 55. Malagasy religion beliefs are muslim and/or Christian.(Madagascar facts, Madagascar flag. “National Geographic”). The language they speak is a mix of Indonesian, African Language, Arabic, and malaysian. (Madagascar. ‘’proquest’’). The prime minister is Jean Ravelonarivo. The president is Hery Rajaonarimampianina. ("Madagascar." : Maps, History, Geography, Government, Culture, Facts, Guide & Travel/Holidays/Cities.)
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Type of food

  • Rice must be eaten at every meal for the meal to be considered complete

  • Romazava- a type of beef stew

  • Smalona- Stuffed eels