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Grow Your PLN by participating in a Twitter Chat


Twitter can be such an amazing tool! It can be used to increase engagement in your classroom, or it can simply be used as a tool to increase your classroom knowledge by engaging in discussions with other educators. This engagement is known as a Twitter chat. These awesome occurrences happen 7 days a week at various hours with educators all over the world. The best part is that there are chats about any education topic you can think of! Check out the Educational Chat Google Calendar for a full list of them. Chats are categorized by state (#iaedchat), integrating technology into the curriculum (#edtechmath, #web20tools), and even based on individual books (#KidsDeserveIt). The knowledge and connections that teachers gain from participating is astonishing! By simply chatting on Twitter, I have met authors, increased my knowledge of classroom ideas, and even formed lifelong friendships with educators in other states when we have gotten the chance to meet face to face. A few of my favorite Twitter chats are below.

How do I engage in a Twitter chat?

As you've probably already noticed, there are different hashtags associated with each individual chat. That's simply the label applied to them so they show up in a continuous stream as you're participating. There are two ways to participate: simply type the hashtag into the Twitter app or on a Google search (you don't HAVE to have Twitter to see the latest tweets in a search), or you can fully engage by using a website known as TweetDeck. This is a column based design that allows each hashtag you follow to appear in its own column. As tweets are generated using that hashtag, they appear in the column with that label. This makes chatting and engaging extremely easy and efficient.


This is the Twitter chat that started it all for me. Based on Matt Miller's book Ditch That Textbook, it is an excellent chat week after week revolving around textbook-less lessons in the classroom and other classroom topics. This chat happens each Thursday from 9:00-9:30 CST, usually with 30 minutes of bonus questions taking the chat until 10:00 CST. For example, this week's topic is amplifying student voice and what the means and looks like in the classroom. I have formed many connections and become a much better educator because of the people in this chat.


Focusing on Flipgrid and its uses in the classroom, this chat brings together users of Flipgrid from all corners of the globe. If you've ever wanted to participate in an extremely fast-paced, worldly chat, this is the one. While there's no set day and time of the week this chat occurs, when you're able to catch it when it occurs, it's a fantastic chat to participate in. Additionally, you can simply check out this hashtag for ways teachers all around the world and at all grade levels are using Flipgrid in their classroom.


I recently started participating in this chat, which is mostly for educators in South Carolina. But, Jed Dearybury, a (teacher) friend of mine from South Carolina, invited me to participate. The topics vary each week with different connections to the classroom, but a favorite of mine has been using an Oreo to connect with education, which brought about some interesting discussions and valuable insight! If you'd like to join this chat, it happens every Tuesday evening from 8:00-9:00 CST.


If you're an employee of the Davenport Community School District, the district weekly chat happens each Monday evening from 9:00 - 9:30 PM CST. This is an excellent chat to begin with if you're just starting out because it is a much slower pace than the other ones. There are various topics regarding the classroom, or the district, and all are welcome! The more that join, the better discussions will be, and further collaboration and connections will be made.

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