Making a film

Express yourself!

Filming is art

Art comes in many forms but one in particular is everywhere in our lives artist or not. From television, to Netflix, to a book. Film making is the same story making concept with us since the birth of language there has been a story to tell. Now with modern technology we can create stories in the form of film, text and animation on the internet. It is a great to spend time and effort and is a lot of fun.

You in control?! How could it not be fun to make a movie!

Being in control of a movie makes you a director and producer meaning you must speak to the people who watch your movie with inside of the art you create.

Laurie Reeves writes in her article “Successful movie directors make movies that resonate with those who watch them. The chasm between successful directors and those who are not is seemingly wide.” As such creating movies is what you make it to be its up to you to mold and shape a message of your choosing. Its far more common to be successful with a good idea some skill and the right tools.

Push it to the limit!

Limitations are great ways to make dynamic ideas and make use of twists and turns in a project. Just listen to Mike Histon whom states in his article on the matter. “Limitations are a creative’s best friend. When there is the freedom to do absolutely anything, how are you supposed to make a decision to pick just one thing? The idea of endless possibility excites imagination, but it doesn’t help to narrow decisions down to something tangible.”

So when trying to make a movie many plans change the final outcome giving you freedom to make a movie with different things it catch attention. Seeing a good product getting to peoples view is a great feeling and inspires to make more or bigger projects.

Its powerful and worth the time!

Making videos is a great way to spend time and has a lot of powerful potential it can inspire, educate, or bring joy. Douglas Karr agrees and writes in his article on the power of filming. “Video has the potential to transmit large amounts of information. A simple 2 3 second video can transmit tons of historical, emotional, and academic information simply from the imagery portrayed in the shot. “Making videos has power and making them with your friends can bring you closer to them with a fun ongoing process.

Now go film! Be free!

For the icing on the cake just because how essential stories are they can shape our very prospective and makes us feel a number of ways as a comic designer I can vouch for the worth of art in the form of a story as film it can touch the hearts of a wider range of people spreading any message.

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