Physical Education

with Mr. Clark

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Phone: 704-455-4700 ext. 1710


4th Quarter PE Units

  1. Fitness Gram
  2. Football
  3. Disc Golf
  4. Softball/Baseball
  5. Lifetime Sports

Fitnessgram 3/30-3/31

During the Fitness-gram test, we do a combination of 3 tests: Pacer, sit-ups, and push ups. The pacer test measures the students cardiovascular endurance, and the sit ups and push ups measure muscular strength and endurance. The students will be measured at the beginning and the end of the quarter. The fitness-gram has fitness zones that will show where the students' stand in their health relate fitness.
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Flag Football Begins 4/3

The students will learn and practice the basic skills and tactics of football. They will also understand the basic rules of game play.

Baseball/Softball 4/25

The students will be learning the skills for baseball and softball: fielding, throwing, catching, and hitting. They will learn how to use the skills in a game situation. We use various modified games that build their baseball/softball skills.