Andrew Jackson

Events of his Presidency

The National Bank

Andrew Jackson felt that the Second Bank of the United States was a tool for the wealthy. He didn't think the "common man" benefited from the bank. He vetoed the banks charter when it was up for renewal and then took steps to close down the bank. Jackson withdrew government money from the bank and put it in various state banks causing the bank to close by 1836.

Jackson and the Nullification Crisis

South Carolina nullified the Tariff of 1828 and the Tariff of 1832 because they were hurting their economy. They said they could nullify the federal tariffs because of states' rights. Congress passes the Force Bill to allow Andrew Jackson to force South Carolina to pay their taxes. Jackson threatens to bring the US Army into South Carolina to force them to pay their taxes and also to hang John C. Calhoun for leading the state in the idea of nullification. The Crisis ends when South Carolina backs down and agrees to the Compromise Tariff of 1833, avoiding issues with the US military.

Jacksonian Democracy

When Andrew Jackson is elected, the property restrictions for the right to vote were dropped by almost all the states. Men, especially "common men", showed up to vote for Jackson. They saw him as a war hero and a champion for the people. Jackson spread the feeling of democracy even further when he allowed his supporters to have government jobs. This gave Americans the feeling that all American men, no matter their background, could and should be involved in their government. Jacksonian democracy showed that all white men should be treated equally.
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"The Rats Leaving the Falling House"

This political cartoon shows the house crashing down around Jackson because of his actions and use of presidential power. The "rats" are Jackson's supporters running away from him as well. The pillar titled the Altar of Reform also appears to have an evil statue on top to suggests that Jackson's reforms or reforms in general are evil.

Comment 1

WOW! Could this man have screwed up any worse?!? Closing the national bank is a massive mistake and its going to ruin our economy for sure. How does he expect new businesses to open if they can't get a loan. Not to mention where is the federal government going to keep their money. Putting government money in state banks shows the federal government favoring specific states and that's not fair!!!

Just the opinion of a National Republican.

Comment 2

Oh Jackson, my Jackson! Such an amazing man and leader. Not only is he a champion of the common man, but he also saved us from the evil national bank and the got us through the Nullification Crisis. As far as I'm concerned, he saved our nation from a civil war of tariffs. And why does the South think that tariffs are so bad? Clearly they boost the American economy and protect American industry. Its a good thing Jackson was in office to stand so firmly against nullification.

Your friendly neighborhood Northerner.