Library and Tech News

December 11th, 2015

Last News of the Year!

This News highlights some articles from the semester in case you missed them the first time around!

Don't Forget to Use Brain Pop

Brain Pop is a subscription site that Mr. Rasmussen is funding for us again this year! It is a fun site that includes brief (4 to 6 minutes or so) videos and includes accompanying worksheets, quizzes, time lines, and other great activities!

There is also a newer section called Game Up with a variety of games that you might think would make a good finished early activity or reward for students.

Login: bryanmiddle

Password: bearspop

STUDENTS can also log in individually as part of your lesson! We have full access for our building!

Popular topics that might fit your curriculum include:

Cellular Life & Genetics, Diversity of Life, Earth Systems, Weather, U.S. Government & Law, Economics, Famous Authors & Books, Grammar, Study and Reading Skills, Writing – Geography, Culture, Numbers & Operations, Geometry & Measurement, Probability, Computer Science, Digital Citizenship, Simple Machines, Energy Technology, Body Systems, Genetics & Development, Personal Health, Sports & Fitness, Nutrition, Art Concepts, Famous Artists & Musicians, Learning Music, Making Music, Musical Genres AND MANY MORE!!!

Check out DOODLE

Doodle is a great way to set up meetings and family events. It works just like other survey sites. You invite people to look at your Doodle where you have added the days and times of your availability. Everyone else adds theirs and then you can see when everyone has the same availability. Try it out the next time you are setting up an event for multiple people. It beats playing phone tag or waiting for emails!

Sites with FREE USE Images for Teacher Lessons and Student Projects


Photos for Class

Morgue File

The Public Domain Review

Wikimedia Commons


Library of Congress

NPS Digital Image Archive

Flickr – The Commons

Microsoft Resources for Teachers

Check out this article recommended by OPS Trainer Eileen Heller about some great resources for teachers that are available from Microsoft! Some are currently already on our waffle of 365 applications!

Try Kahoot with your Students

Do you ever need a brain break when your kids are in the computer lab or between activities in the classroom? You might want to give Kahoot a try! It’s FREE and easy to use! With Kahoot you can create a fun learning game in minutes (they are called ‘kahoots’) made from a series of multiple choice questions. You can add videos, images, diagrams, etc… to your questions! There are also TONS of ready-made Kahoots. You might find one that works for you or that you can use as an example to make your own! I used Kahoot with a group last week. It was a huge success!

What you need:

· A computer or device for each student

· The code to the Kahoot you are using/created


· Freeze the screen when the kids are putting in their nicknames so you can make sure they are all class appropriate. Telling them to use first name and the first 3 letters of their last name is also a good strategy.

· Discuss procedures before you start – it can get pretty rowdy if the kids don’t know your expectations!

DVDs for the Classroom

We have many DVDs in the library and TONS of others accessible to use in the 86 district locations. Search the BMS Library Catalog for a topic that you are teaching at You can also change to a whole district search at the top of the page. If you find something available that you want us to request, just send me an email. Keep in mind it may take a few days to get it and we should return in within the three week loan period. Also – if there is something you feel we need to add to our DVD collection, please let me know and we will try to add to it an order this year. I can search for you too if you give me a topic!