By Christina Meredith


Leah is the kind of teenager that has a good an easy life. She is a good daughter, she has good grades, liked by everybody and has a cute boyfriend. But she isn't still satisfied, she still can't breath calm. She wants more action. Her boyfriend is handsome and popular, just like her, but she cannot resist the temptation of being with an irresistible bad boy. He is the kind of boy every girl would want to day, a bit dangerous and mysterious. Also the type of boy parent wouldn't want their daughter to date. She is between the heart of two boys. Leah goes through changes and new experiences in her life making good and bad decision throughout the story.

Christina Meredith (author) :

  • From Wisconsin.
  • She lives in Sausalito, California.
  • She likes stripped t-shirts.
  • She writes happily ever after stories.
  • She likes loud music.
  • She wishes werewolves, Bigfoot, leprechauns and unicorns were true.

Timeline of the book:

  • Shane, Leah's boyfriend is introduced in the story.

This is important because it tells us that Leah has boyfriend, so she can't be flirting around with other guys. Shane is popular, athletic, he is caring about Leah, he has a car and Leah's parents are proud of him. Shane can be controlling and not too much fun.

This picture relates to this memory because it so a couple, and the guy is being caring to the girl like Shane is caring about Leah.

  • Leah meets Porter.

A mysterious handsome guy, he had green eyes with bits of brown. This is the first time Leah sees the boy that she can't stop thinking about. Everything about him she likes.

This memory relates to Leah meting Porter, because porter is mysterious and just like the guy in the photo because we don't really know who he Is.

  • Leah cheats on Shane with Porter.

Another big event in this story is when Leah and Poter have their first kiss. Leah knew it wasn't a good idea to kiss Porter because she has a boyfriend.

This picture relates to this memory because it shows a girl not being faithful to her boyfriend just like Leah did with Shane.

  • Leah spends time with Porter.

She starts to be more with Porter than with Shane because Shane tend to not be as fun and doesn't let her do things, unlike Porter, he is fun and makes her go on adventures and do things that are more fun and she wouldn't normally do.

The 1st picture shows a boring couple and the guy on the phone making the girl bored. It relates to Shane and Leah because the don't do much and he is not too much fun.

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On the 2nd picture it show two people in love having fun and laughing. They also seem to be outside and not in the house. Just like Leah and Porter, they are In love, they have fun and laughter together and they don't stay home.

  • Leah discovers more about Porter.

By spending more time with Porter she discovers that his real names isn't Porter ( that's is just what he does as a job, pick a cars from people and park them for money on the country club). His real name is Duffy. This is important to know because it means that Leah gets to know who Porter really is.

This picture means that Leah never knew who Porter really was till now.

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