Five Women Detained

After Planning Women's Day Events


Five women who worked at the Weizhiming Women Center office in Hangzhou, China, were taken away, or detained, after officials got word they had been planning events for International Women's Day. All of the women are members of the Women’s Rights Action Group, and they were planning to hold public events calling for an end to sexual harassment on public transportation in several cities in China on March 7.

They had made stickers printed with “Stop sexual harassment, let us stay safe” and “Go police go, arrest those who committed sexual harassment!” which they planned to distribute at the events.

Human Rights Violations

In Conclusion

Chinese authorities must:

  • immediately find out where Wu Rongrong, Zheng Churan, Li Tingting, Wei Tingting and Wang Man (the five women) are located
  • immediately and unconditionally release the five women if they are being detained solely for peacefully exercising their rights to freedom of expression
  • ensure that they all have regular access to their lawyers and family, and are protected from torture and other ill-treatment.