Hunter Smith

Live slow die whenever πŸ™Œ

Something I did yesterday! 😍

Yesterday was a great day I went to defy gravity with all my bestfriends! and had a great time then hung out with them for the rest of the day and ate pizza!
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Something I do well! 🎾

Something I do well is play sports I love tennis and going to play for the school this year "hopefully" and I'm good at riding dirt bikes!

Something about my childhood! ⚾️ 🚡

I started riding dirt bikes and four wheelers when I was 5 and I still ride today! and started to play baseball when I was 6

Something I learned last week 😁

I learned that I hate exams and that my mom does not like when I don't take the dog out, also that I love my cats class and could not wait for it to start again for that whole week!

Something I can't live with out! 😩

I feel like I could not live without my phone because thats how I get ahold of EVERYBODY almost, also my parents so much for me and I could not imagine life with out them.

Something I love to watch/listen 🎧

Something I love to listen to is K-LOVE it makes me feel better about my self and makes my day better!

Something I dislike 😑

I don't like when I take my time and hole the door for someone and they walk though it and not say thanks
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