Perseverance and Adversity

Hayley Maertens


Perseverance- is the continued effort to achieve. In the stories you will be reading about soon, you will see they all had adversity's that they had to face. So all of the people persevered through those adversity's to get were they are now. In some stories you will read they don't do much to persevere through the adversity's, but there are some stories that the characters have to do a lot.
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Road to Perseverance

Problem and solution- "Mango Shaped Space"

In the third grade Mia is called to the front of the room to solve a math problem, When she is using colored chalk to match the numbers with the correct color. The teacher asks her why she is using the colored chalk. She thought everyone could see colors the way she can but found out she was the only one. Since then she has never told anyone about her colors, she has been hiding it for many years when she decides to tell her parents. Her parents took her to the doctor and the doctor tells them that she has synesthesia, where people see colors for letters, sounds, ect. So Mia has to persevere through her life knowing that she has synesthesia. She got overwhelmed about her problem.
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Chronological seqencing- Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill was diagnosed with brain cancer. She gained fame and support as she played basketball for Mount St. Josephs and raised money to fight cancer. She overcame her adversity's by doing what she loved and not giving up with her life. By doing that she helped other with cancer by raising money. But sadly she died at the age of 19 on April 10, 2015. But she lived her life to the fullest. Some people would say she is inadequate but I disagree she did what she could.

Description- Ashes of Roses

Roses family goes to America to start a new life, when her brother Joseph has an eye disease. Which makes him unable to go to America so Joseph and his father go back to Ireland. So Rose, her to sisters and mother go to their uncle Patrick's house to stay. Uncle Patrick and his wife Elsa has two very annoying children that are very mean to Rose and her sisters. Rose and her family wants to move out of their terrible home so Rose goes looking out for a job. When she finds one her mother tells her that they are moving back to America but Rose and her sister Maurine refuse to go back so her mother lets them stay if they go back to uncle Patrick's. But Rose and her sister didn't go back they rented a room in a building sharing it with a girl named Gussie and her father and Rose becomes good friends with Gussie. Rose needs a new a new job and Maurine has to go to school. Gussie tells her about the shit waist factory where she works, so Rose works there. When Rose finds that Maurine has been skipping school and wants to work to so she lets her work at the shirt waste factory as well. A while after the three girls are working there, at the end of the day there is a huge fire. Rose makes it out safely but doesn't know where anyone else is. This is just another adversity that she has to face.


In almost every story there are adversity's that someone has to face. In all stories their adversity's can last a long time or short they can be tough or easy. People face adversity's everyday ever single person has faced adversity's. Whatever it is you need to perseverance to get your way threw it.