Life Skills


what we have learned in life skills business

In life skills business, we learned how to fill out a check. To fill out a check, first, you need to print your name. Next you need the date you are writing the check. You also need to write the payee, the one receiving the money. The check number will already be on the check. Then you need to fill out the amount of money. You need to write it out in expanded form, then as numbers. If you want to know where your money is going, it would help to write that on the check in the bottom left corner. Lastly, you need to sign the check.

Another thing we learned in life skills business was how a credit card works. With a credit card you can buy things like clothes and food. You can also hook up your credit card to online things that are charged monthly like spotify. A credit card is easy to use and is a way to put your money in one place.

We also learned about filling out job applications. on a job application it is good to say yes/no instead of things like "yea". You should also use good handwriting. It is important to be honest. When a question doesn't apply to you or is impossible to answer, you should write N/A. When you are filling out the references you should not put friends or family. Some things you need when filling out applications are present and past home addresses, telephone numbers, emergency contact information, social security number, drivers license number, information concerning criminal and/ or civil convictions, availability, military service dates, education and training dates, schools attended, class rank, prior work locations, job titles, and work references.

how we will use the things we learned

We will use the things we learned in every day life. Some day we will probably need to fill out a check. If we fill out a check we would have to know how to use it so the bank accepts it. It is also helpful that we learned how to use a credit card. A credit card is useful and a safe place to put your money. It can help your credit score. Finally, if we want to get a job we will need the information that we learned about filling out an application.

something else we could have learned

Other than what we learned it would be helpful to earn about job interviews. It is important to know what to do and not do in job interviews. Going into an interview people don't always know how to answer the questions that they are asked.

The most important thing we learned in this class

In this class i think the most important thing we learned was how to fill out a job application. Without knowing how to fill out an application we could not get a job. It is important to know what to write and what not to write.
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