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Hello MGSD Community!

Can you believe we have completed our fourth week of this school year? We've had a great start to the 2018 - 2019 school year, and our kiddos have hit the ground running! There are great things happening in all of our schools throughout Mooresville Graded School District, and we thought you might like to see a few examples. We hope you enjoy this newsletter and we look forward to working with all of you to make this the best year yet!

Park View Elementary School

Park View serves approximately 625 students in grades Kindergarten through 3. They are the PVES Patriots!

Principal: Dr. Misha Rogers

Asst Principal: Ms. Hollis Baker

Rocky River Elementary School

Rocky River has approximately 615 Racers enrolled this year in grades Kindergarten through 3. They also house a pre-K program.

Principal: Dr. Chuck LaRusso, MGSD Principal of the Year!

Asst Principal: Ms. Lani Earnhardt, MGSD Assistant Principal of the Year!

South Elementary School

South Elementary educates approximately 565 rising Super Stars in grades Kindergarten through 3 every day!

Principal: Dr. Mark Cottone

Asst Principal: Ms. Tammy Sharpe

East Mooresville Intermediate School

EMIS opens its doors to about 685 Eagles in grades 4 through 6 every single day!

Principal: Ms. Meghan McGrath

Asst Principals: Ms. Tonya Mays and Mr. Greg Keyes

Mooresville Intermediate School

The teachers and staff at MIS are busy teaching 725 Bobcats in grades 4 through 6 everyday!

Principal: Dr. Quinetta Pratt

Asst Principals: Mr. Ryan Villiard and Shelley Goines-Harris

Back 2 School Family Night was anything but DESPICABLE! :-)

On August 31, Mooresville Intermediate School kicked off the new school year by hosting a Back 2 School Family Movie Night on the green. Various food trucks from the area provided dinner and treats while Kayla Vega entertained everyone with her musical talent and beautiful voice. There was also a free book giveaway, and over 100 books were given away to students and their families! When the sun went down, everyone enjoyed the movie Despicable Me 3. Over 200 people attended and had a blast!

Mooresville Middle School

Housing grades 7 and 8, MMS is home to 985 Red Imps! And always remember... It's ALWAYS a great day to be a Red Imp!

Principal: Ms. Ayana Robinson

Asst Principals: Ms. Tracy Pratt-Dixon, Ms. Jennifer Marshall, and Mr. Bernard Waugh

Musical Chairs? Well, actually, it's musical books!

Ms. Hudson's 7th grade students visited the CAVE for the first time. They played a musical chairs game where students moved around the CAVE and when the music stopped they found a chair in front of a book shelf. They then chose any book , read only the first sentence, replaced, and repeat. When the music started back they were moving again. Students found their first great book and could not wait to check it out!

Mooresville High School

As a single high school district, MHS is educating approximately 1900 Blue Devils this year!

Principal: Mr. Eric Schwarzenegger

Asst Principals: Ms. Meredith Bost, Mr. Michael Few, Ms. Tracey Waid, and Ms. Samone Graham

Asst. Principal/Athletic Director: Mr. Kevin Wilson
Ms. Jones' Honors Earth and Environmental Sciences class participated in an M&M lab to simulate habitat disturbance by other species.
2018 - 2019 Public Notifications

Every year, school districts are required to share certain laws and policies. These notifications can be found on our website, your student's computer, and in print at your child's school. Please let us know if you have any questions!

2018 - 2019 Notificaciones Publicas

Los distritos escolares están obligados a compartir ciertas leyes y políticas. Estas notificaciones se pueden encontrar en nuestro sitio web, la computadora de su estudiante y en letra impresa en la escuela de su hijo. ¡Gracias!

MGSD Calendar Survey

Hello MGSD Parents,

Below are links to two 2019 - 2020 DRAFT calendars. One calendar is a traditional calendar much like what our district follows now. The other calendar is a non-traditional calendar that results in a slightly longer school year but with more breaks throughout the year rather than one longer summer break. Under both calendars, students would attend school the same amount of days unless they are invited to attend the intersession (summer session). Once you have had a chance to review the two calendars, we would love for you to give feedback on your preference by utilizing the Google Form embedded below. Thank you!

Information regarding the Iredell County 1/4 Penny Sales Tax Referendum

Bus Drivers Needed

Mooresville Graded School District is in need of people who have a love for children and can drive a bus! If you are interested in driving a school bus for MGSD, please fill out the application below. Please share to help get the word out! Thank you!