Emma Neil

Why I find it interesting

I like arguing with people. I would rather be the prosecuter because I would not be able to lie for someone who actually did kill the victim.

They earn $113,530 per year. They make $54.58 each hour.

To be a lawyer you have to have a doctoral or professional degree.

Details about the career

To become a really good lawyer you have to know a lot about law. Before you can even apply to law school you have to get through college. When you apply they are going to look at your grades and even if you got straight A s, then the admission board is going to look at that Physics major. You need to be able to keep your cool. It would also be a good idea to take law classes in high school if your planning on becoming a lawyer. As a philosophy major you will need to learn three skills that are invaluable as a layer. You will need to have he ability to read and understand texts, you'll need basic skills of logic and argumentation and the ability to solve problems.

The job outlook is 10% which is as fast as average.

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