Richard Lee Aker Maryland

Veteran of Foreign Wars

Bright Exteriors

Richard Lee Aker of Maryland is the proud owner of Bright Exteriors, a small business servicing Tracey’s Landing, Maryland, and surrounding areas with superior quality residential and commercial exterior cleaning. Richard Lee Aker of Maryland wants to be certain that all clients are received like family, working together to achieve all his clients’ goals.

Richard Lee Aker Maryland - Lauded United States Naval Veteran

In 1982, Richard Lee Aker of Maryland began a long and vibrant career in the United States Navy where he actively proved his dedication to growth and professional goal setting. Originally entering the force as a vehicle for furthering his education, he went on to earn numerous medals, awards, and commendations in the fields of aeronautics, aviation, and beyond. With his strategic intelligence and team-oriented spirit, he was able to save the Navy over two million dollars and was personally responsible for improving outcomes over 100% in numerous positions he held during his years of service.

As a manager of a recruiting station, Richard Lee Aker Maryland acted as a catalyst for skyrocketing goal percentages. Known for his proven outcomes, he was personally responsible for growing a stagnant 38% recruiting goal to 88% in one year and up to 148% over the next two years. After showing such tremendous growth, he received 22 recruiting gold stars and 18 silver stars, over five times the normal amount a recruiter would have received at that time.

Richard Lee Aker of Maryland also holds numerous Chief of Naval Operations Safety Awards, National Defense Service Medals, Sea Service Deployment Ribbons, Commanding Officer Wings Atlantic Letters of Commendation, and Recruiting Gold Wreath Awards.

Richard Lee Aker of Maryland, though clearly accomplished and successful in his field, has accepted each and every one of these awards with the utmost humility and reverence for his country. Richard Lee Aker of Maryland is currently a small business owner in Tracey’s Landing, Maryland.

Richard Lee Aker of Maryland - Member of Navy Patuxent Sailing Club

Richard Lee Aker of Maryland is a serious sailor. As an active member of the Navy Patuxent Sailing Club, he can let loose and bring all of his sailing knowledge out onto the Chesapeake Bay to have some fun and return to nature. An avid boatman, Richard Lee Aker of Maryland owns a beautiful Caravelle 242 boat and three seated jet skis. He is thrilled to engage in any water sport, and whether it be sailing, water skiing, jet skiing or canoeing, he is going to make sure that everyone has a tremendous amount of fun within a safe environment.

The Navy Patuxent Sailing Club, as Richard Lee Aker of Maryland knows, provides membership to over one hundred Active Duty, Reserve, Civil Service, and Contractor personnel. At the Navy Patuxent Sailing Club, you will find a variety of people from a plethora of backgrounds and skill levels who all share a common interest and love of sailing and the sea. The club hosts many affordable trainings and certification classes to further club members’ sailing knowledge and understanding of optimal safety practices, navigational procedures, cruising techniques, and more.

Richard Lee Aker of Maryland is committed to helping create safer and more knowledgeable sailors. He knows that making mistakes precedes growth and understanding and that we ultimately transform those mistakes into meaningful change.

After retiring from the United States Navy, Richard Lee Aker of Maryland now has more time to enjoy the water off of the clock. He is the owner of Bright Exteriors, a commercial and residential cleaning company in Tracys Landing, Maryland. He enjoys playing his guitar, woodworking, fishing, and bonfires in his free time.