What is health?

By Emily Powell

Positive and negative concepts of health

Positive: Health is the belief that being healthy is a state which is achieved only by consistent effort. Some individuals believe this takes active steps to stay healthy, for example through there choice of food and regular exercise. These individuals will take credit for the absence of disease and they will feel at fault when symptoms develop, they feel responsible for their own health. People who take take control of their lives and maintain there own lives cannot be healthy (AQA health).

Negative: Health is viewed as being healthy with no illnesses, People who believe this tend to think good health is natural and they take it for granted that they are well. People think they don't need to take any special cautions to keep healthy and are not likely to consider themselves as being ill when they do not fill themselves or for example have a headache or a cold.

Concepts of health

Holistic: This is a belief that being healthy mean they do not have any diseases, physical disorders and are emotionally comfortable. People are likely to consider themselves as ill when they experience unusual and not nice feelings by following this belief. They are also more likely to exaggerate minor discomforts and worry more.

Ill health: People feel ill when they have disease symptoms, they might also feel ill when they haven't got any symptoms. Ill health exists when individuals decide that they feel ill or are describing themselves as being ill, this is generally people who are anxious about there health. Other people do not accept the fact they are ill and simply refuse it and ignore the obvious symptoms and signs. The phrase disorder is a fault in the body tissue, organ or system, it is based on a concept that body systems are able to go wrong.