Chapter 10 Project

By: Ellie and Savannah

Day one

Geographic location- The Maya lived in the area in Central America which now consists of Yucatan, Guatemala, Belize and southern Mexico

Mayan writing- The Maya had the most complete expression of a writing system devised by any of the civilization of Mesoamerica.

Day Two

Traditions- Bloodletting by humans was commonly practiced for the Maize God and Human and child sacrifice was very common.

Dress- Women wore dresses that they made and men would wear shirts woven by their wives and pants woven by their wives

Food- The mayans grew corn, beans, chili peppers, and squash

Jobs- The mayans were very accomplished builders and many had jobs building things

Living conditions- The living conditions of the mayans was difficult because they couldn't feed everyone and deforestation was hurting their crops

Day Three

Religion- Normally Christian and catholic

Government- Wasn't a unified empire, had different rulers in different places

Judicial process- The most noble family was chosen to be the judges and solve problems

Experiences with modern civilization- Its sophisticated arts and sciences included advanced agricultural methods, inventions such as an extremely accurate calendar and a hieroglyphic writing systems