John Brown Kills

Kansas/Nebraska Act

Kansas/Nebraska act had territories that the United States acquired from Mexico could decide whether or not they were going to allow slavery. The Kansas/Nebraska passes by the the congress on May 30th, 1854. It was allowed that people in the territories of Kansas and Nebraska, decide for them whether or not to allow slavery with their borders. It was the north of latitude 36 30. The act had been served to repeal the Missouri Compromise. After the Kansas/Nebraska Act was being passed, The anti-slavery and the pro-slavery supporters were forced/rushed to settle in Kansas. John Brown soon got the anti-slavery and went into Pottawatomie and killed five of the anti-slaves.

John Brown and his killing and leading with the anti-slaves

The event looking as if you were there at the time

If I had been there at the time, I would not have had John Brown making the anti-slavery and leading them towards Pottawatomie for him to go kill. If I had known that before hand I would not have let anyone near him. Some questions we may have would be, Why did he have to lead the anti-slavery into Pottawatomie? Why did Brown only kill five? There are still questions that can still be answered.

Brooklyn lewis