Ms. Chandler's Counseling Corner

January 2020

Dear Families,

I hope you all had a refreshing and safe winter break. There are a few things happening in January! I will be starting TOOLBOX lessons in Kindergarten through second grade classrooms to help students cope when situations arise. The 5 tools, out of the 12 total, we will use for the rest of the school year is a breathing tool, personal space tool, an empathy tool, a garbage can tool, and a listening tool.

A toolbox has two parts, the box itself and the tools inside it. The tools represent the qualities inside of us and give us an understanding on how to navigate life's challenges successfully.

In January we will be focusing on the idea of "Not Yet"! Below you can find ways to work with your children at home to help them understand that even though they aren't understanding something YET, they can learn it & even though they can't do a math problem YET, doesn't mean they wont learn.


Ms. Chandler

Parent Support Night

The workshop for parents of elementary school children will be presented by the elementary counselors of the Lake Havasu Unified School District.

Helping Children Manage Emotions Using Toolbox

Please join elementary counselors Susie Martin, Marti Miller and Sara Chandler as they share how you can use the Toolbox curriculum with your children at home. This curriculum was purchased by the Lake Havasu Unified School District to meet the Arizona social and emotional competencies for students in kindergarten through sixth grade. It is based on 12 tools that anyone can use to improve managing emotions and social relationships.

January 28th, 2021 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Please use the link below to attend via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 948 1539 6678

Passcode: 3wyn11

Toolbox Project Introductory film

Breathing Tool

This month we will be exploring the breathing tool. Within these lessons, we will understand what it means to breathe intentionally and see the difference of how we breathe when we're upset or angry. We will explore different ways of when and how we can use this tool & become aware of other people using this tool. The students will also be creating their own "toolbox" so they have a reminder weekly of what tools they have within themselves to use while at school and at home.

Practice Your Breathing

Relaxed Breathing Training, Version B

Not Yet

It's important that we acknowledge all of the hard work our students (and families) have been doing since the beginning of the school year. Things are different, and the students have been flexible as they have done what it asked. Some things you can do at home is to make sure you are talking with your student(s) about their progress and all that they have accomplished already this year. Even the small things count!

Focusing on strengths can be encouraging and motivating for students as they navigate new things and learn new material. The idea of "not yet" refers to the fat that someone may not be able to do something yet, but it can be learned. Sometimes learning takes time. This focus can be helpful for everyone, and reminds us that learning new things doesn't happen automatically.

Sara Chandler

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

  • No School on January 18th
  • Parent Support Night is January 28th at 5:30 pm on Zoom Zoom Access:
  2. Meeting ID: 948 1539 6678
  3. Passcode: 3wyn11