4th Grade Updates!

September 28 - October 2, 2015

Snapshot of our Week in 4th Grade

Monday - Homework is to READ READ READ!!!

Tuesday - Homework is to READ READ READ!!!

ART NIGHT! Come to Rattan at 6pm for Family Art Night!

Wednesday - Homework is to READ READ READ!!!

Thursday - Homework is to READ READ READ!!! - Thursday folders come home! If you sign the THURSDAY FOLDER and the PLANNER, your kiddo gets 2 DOJO POINTS! Be sure to check the Class DOJO point sheet in your student's binder!

Friday - Homework is to READ READ READ! - Science Homework: CHALLENGE!!! Check your student's planner to help them complete the challenge!

Mrs. Pratt's Reading Riches!

This week in Reading class, we are going to be reviewing the Text Structure - Cause and Effect! The Scholastic News issue this week is titled, "Help for Honeybees!" - Your child can access this Scholastic magazine online at www.scholastic.com/sn4. They will select "student" and use the password: coyotes444

We are continuing STATIONS this week and will wrap them up by this Friday!

Make sure you talk with your families about how many books have been read since the first day of school! I am really trying to instill a community of WILD readers and inspire your kids to want to fall in love with the worlds that are available to them through text in a book. The reading requirement this year is 40 books! THEY CAN do this! I guarantee that can do this and even go further than this! Help me encourage your children at home!

We are practicing MAKING CONNECTIONS while we read. Please help us by talking to your kiddo about what they are reading and helping them to make connections through each of the following types:

1. Text-to-Text

2. Text-to-Self

3. Text-to-World

4. Text-to-Media

Our Week in Math with Mrs. Robinson

This week we are adding and subtracting decimals! It's easy to do, as long as our decimals are 'lined up' in a vertical stack. Have your kiddo show you! We are practicing our 7's multiplication facts this week. We will also continue to order and compare numbers with tenths and hundredths decimals.

And, don't forget- Touchdown Tuesday will have us graphing our Fantasy Football picks!

Mrs. Crane's Week in Writing!

This week in Writing we will begin to break apart the narrative diamond. We will start with entertaining beginnings and learn how to "hook" our readers! By the end of the week we are hoping to be able to write some really entertaining beginnings!

In spelling we will be working on the most frequent spellings of the /s/ sound. We will also discuss bossy r and how r-controlled vowels are spelled within words.

Please help your child look over their words to learn page! This page is technically their only "spelling list". Be sure to use the word in a sentence for them to spell, as most of the words are homophones! All of their spelling tests should also be found in their binders. We keep them all in there behind our spelling tab to help review for upcoming tests!

What in the World is Happening in Social Studies!?

This week we are continuing our lesson on the 4 Regions of Texas! We will be demonstrating our learning with an activity that explains our thoughts about how geographers divided the state of Texas into the 4 regions that they did! We are going to be moving the economical differences of each region!
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In Science we will begin our unit on Mixtures and Solutions! This is a fun unit for the kiddos because we will be giving them a couple of challenges that they can take home and get the family involved with! ENJOY!
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